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October 2018
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Bruce [userpic]

It would likely be a good thing to get the business on Yelp. At least I'm reasonably sure I'd mostly get positive reviews.

It looks, however, like I need someone to review me first, before I can "claim" a business page.

Anyone want to volunteer to review me? I'll give you all my business info'n'shit.

And my gratitude. Unless someone else does it instead, at which time they'll have my gratitude...

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Mood: thoughtfulthoughtful

Actually, Geo and I were discussing doing that for you, but we weren't sure what to put for an address since you do shows at a few different places.

The address thing is kind of silly for a mobile operation, but they're not the only place that doesn't make that distinction. Best would be to use the home address:

882 N 11th St
San Jose, CA 95112

That's the address on the business license...


Talk about glowing - thanks!

Re: Wow!

From the heart, all. :)