Bruce (kor27) wrote,


I actually sold one of my Craigslist items yesterday - the person who was supposed to come by and pick up the amp actually did so.

Of course, they paid half of what I was asking for it, but at least I managed to sell something.

That was around noon. I then managed to eventually get back to sleep, got up around 5ish, did my usual sitting around moping, then got to the Tower by about 8:00pm.

Iiiiinteresting party. Mostly good. There were just a few unfortunate effects from people doing their best to finish off all of the liquor.

But they were at least entertaining - if one was able to dodge fast enough.

Many good people - sparkle_journal and jackal_logic, of course, but also genuine_snark and onyx101, Peter, timenchanter, Veronica, justnate (fortunately after Veronica left), Max, Alex, Tara, and many others.

I left at something like 3:00am, came home, caught up on the doings in cyberspace, and eventually got to sleep.

I've been up and down since then, mostly because of internal turmoil. Unfortunately, my financial situation is something I can't quite bring myself to confront, and too big to exactly ignore.

So of course I'm getting more stuff from Dev today, because he's not dealing well with the number of people that have signed up for Tuesdays. The economy's in the toilet, people are being laid off right and left, it's a frikkin' Tuesday, and he expects a huge turnout.


Of course, I am looking for a Friday or Saturday gig, so if he actually goes for that, I'll try it. But I need to get off my mopey ass and start actually looking for weekend bar gig. A halfway decent one would increase my weekly income by 50%, which would take me from "doomed" to "making do."

Anyone want to be my agent?

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