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It's been a fun couple of days. Thursday started slow, but grew quite rapidly - the first rotation was myself, timenchanter, a latin girl named Wendolyn (who gave me some suggestions for more latin music), and Alex&Richard of the Alex group.

The second rotation expanded to 16 people, including sparkle_journal, jackal_logic, genuine_snark, onyx101, moahb, Mikey H, and Kimberley&Stacy (who've been in multiple times, and each time I've called them a "new group." Hmmm).

The third rotation took up most of the rest of the night. We had some markobellydance, quite a bit of Honey (she actually stuck around for more than an hour!), kizmet100, supersniffles, (annoying) Bob, cybrenn, and a number of new people.

We also had the return of Rachel, who brought friends this time, and stuck around to do her own copies of both The Wizard and I and No Good Deed.

There was actually some grumbling that no one should both look and sound that good.

The fourth rotation was folded in with the third - and then we had a couple of small ones to finish off the night. The most notable thing there was that foxypinkninja drank enough to get up and sing twice. A rare occurrence.

I forget exactly why, but I ended up singing First of May to Kimberley and Stacy at the very end of the night.

I didn't check on bar income, but it should have been above target. Tips were, well, normal, given that I didn't have anyone pass around the tip jar.

Shutdown took a while, mostly because the filing job was on the large side, then Timmie, Elly, Maggie, and I went and bugged April.

Then home, and something resembling sleep at some point. I was back up around 2:00pm and cutting slips: I'd run out before while doing a show for Seth, and I damn well wasn't going to do that again.

I now have slips for a while.

I was on the road by about 5:00pm, and managed to make it over to UCSC by something like 6:15pm, which was the goal. Highway 17 at rush hour sucks. Just so you know.

Had a pleasant time talking to Seth while setting up, and, given that I was there almost two hours early, had everything ready ahead of time.

The show went very, very well. Merrill is a tiny little college, and by the end of the show we'd had 80 students come in, with the whole room singing along with almost every song. I was playing in a fairly small room, so it was standing room only for a good part of the night.

Of course, I could also tell it was a school - no-one wanted to sit in the front row of seats...

It followed the usual pattern: At the beginning, getting songs was like pulling teeth. By the end of the show (I ran over by half an hour), I still had people handing me slips.

There was a fair amount of repetition, but no-one seemed to mind. Well, except perhaps me. I had to sit through two copies of I Will Survive. Having both The Saga Begins and American Pie was mostly cute, if, well, long. And the two different copies of A Whole New World were quite different, since the singers had, um, "alternative" lyrics for the second version.

I should have asked for a copy.

Seth and I had a lot of behind the scenes snark about one student identifying someone as his girlfriend, starting with "Do you think she knows?"

Shutdown took a bit of time (many cables to rewind), but the main reason I didn't get out of there until something like 1:00am was because I was talking with Seth.

Driving back over the mountain took considerably less time.

Then some food at the Mini, home, unloading, and eventually a bit of sleep. Which was interrupted by a phone call from a guy that wants to buy the amp. He's supposed to come over this afternoon.

And now I can't get back to sleep...

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