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Summer in the Hamptons

Yesterday was taken up - completely - with cekyr0 and jeffercine's housewarming party.

This was in part because I had determined, for whatever reason, that I was going to be there from the beginning to the end.  I didn't quite manage the first part - I picked up electrichobbit and got us both there about 1:40, but close enough.  Guests didn't really start showing up until 2:30, anyway.

Interesting, and fun day, even if I was groggy - I fully respect those that had no sleep at all Friday night, but while I'm not really sick, per say, I'm at that point that I frequently find it hard to breathe.  This made sleep that night problematical.  Anyway.

Just a few thoughts:
  • Jefferson and Alex know a huge number of really cool people.  Like is obviously drawn to like.
  • valeriesparks' dog Mia is waaaay too cute.
  • So is Darryl's new dachsund Alwin.
  • There's an obvious resemblance between Alex, his father, and his sister.  According to one of her friends, she doesn't think she's attractive, and she at one point started attacking said friend to get a video game controller.  So the resemblance is also internal.
  • unbreak_able is an amazingly wonderful person.  It just needed to be said.  I know quite a few people that would agree with me, and I have hopes that someday she'll be one of them.  Not high hopes, just... hopes.
  • I've now added to my sunburn, because while I hate exercise, I cannot seem to avoid the temptations of a flying disc.  Maybe I was a retriever in a former life.
  • Whoever put the Bush election sign on the front lawn should die.  The sign certainly did, in impressively pyrotechnic ways, leading to
  • Jefferson is quite the pyro.  After watching the BBQ flames lick the top of the arbor, and after eating a couple of (quite yummy) charcoal burgers, I can say that with confidence.
  • "God of War" is an extremely impressive video game.  The graphics are excellent, and the sex scene funny as hell.  Talk about your anti-heros, though...
  • cmjfoxfyre and Shawn!  Yay!
  • supersniffles showed up!  Any event is cooler when Cindi shows up.
  • I have yet again managed to not quite see all of Izzard's Dress to Kill - first of all, because wandering off and answering rambling phone calls from drunk housemates can cut into your viewing time, and second of all because falling asleep halfway through does even more.  Dammit.  Hopefully my snoring wasn't too irritating, and I at least got  a little cuddling in with Cindi.
I left about 2:30, and stumbled my way home.  Where I of course hooked up my VCR to my laptop so I could watch part of an El Hazard - The Magnificent World tape before crashing.  Thanks, swanhart!

OK, I need to get up and ready - Star Wars 3 with timenchanter today...

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