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Night Out with Friends

I specifically headed out last night at 6:00pm, so I'd get up to Julie's at a reasonable hour.

Therefore I had to manage to get, well, effectively, lost, on the way to the nearest Arco. I took a wrong turn, corrected badly, ran into San Jose's attempt to control traffic, etc, etc.

I finally got gas, food, and really headed north at 6:30pm, managed to park around 7:40pm, and was set up by about 8:50pm.

We didn't start for about another hour, anyway.

At that point we had a nice little friend contingent - jannypanlj, kshandra, timenchanter, Patrick, and tankgirl (in a nice little miniskirt. Rowr.). Otherwise, the room was us, Cher, Rachel, and Kym.

For a while, I was wondering if I'd make enough to pay for gas.

But around 11:00pm, people started trickling in. Very few regulars, apart from Mac/Amin, but several new groups, and a number that had only been in once or twice before.

One of the most interesting groups was Kyle, Joaquin, Eli, and James. If they're not in a band, they should be. Joaquin did an amazing job of Dinah-Moe Humm, which I haven't heard anyone do for quite a while.

Then just a bunch of people. The bar ended up making noticeably more than last week. I ended up making somewhat less, because tips were, at best, adequate. But still, definitely worth it - and it's gratifying seeing the bar have a good night. Especially since it looked like we might be getting a rep.

Timmie, Angela, Kirsten, and I then drove down the peninsula, and met back up at April's for food and hanging out. Then home, and eventually sleep.

Today was the semi-irritating pattern I've had a lot lately. I woke up at noon, was too tired to get up for the day, but not tired enough to get back to sleep.

But eventually I got a couple more hours, got up, cleaned up, and had just enough time to drop by Costco for a cheap dinner and some shampoo. I'm really trying to avoid spending money right now, but I'm kinda dependent on that brand. The main alternative is shaving my head, and I don't think I have the right head shape for that.

And now I'm sitting here at the bar, set up, ready to go, with no-one here at all. Sort of like last night. Hopefully it ends up similarly. I'm paid a fixed amount tonight, but I was really hoping for a reasonable set of tips, and, well, if the bar makes no money, there's not much there to pay me with...

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