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Bruce [userpic]
Sliding On

I spent the rest of yesterday afternoon moping, then got down to the bar with timenchanter just a little late. We made the mistake of thinking we could get and eat dinner at In-n-Out in 20 minutes. As it is, it took 20 minutes just to get our food.

By the time we got to the bar (7:20pm), poor blankreloaded had been waiting for 25 minutes...

So anyway, fun evening. Not the blockbuster necessary to have us reach target, but still a very nice Monday, meaning income was only 30% down for the weekend. I also got a fairly nice set of tips last night, so I'm personally not doing too badly.

Between that and Timmie throwing in his share of utilities, there's enough for rent and a little bit more. If tomorrow night's take is reasonable, I may even be able to pay off PG&E...

The most interesting visitors last night were James and Tammie. James is a very nice singer, and a whole lot of fun. Tammie's a friend and ex-roommate of his. The downside is that he lives in the LA area (where he apparently knows princesskiti22), and they were in the process of moving Tammie to Eugene.

He apparently found us through CitySearch and Yelp.

He says he and his partner come up to visit the City on a semi-regular basis, so we may be seeing more of him - or I might see some more of him at Julie's. 'Twould be cool.

We also had a near full evening of qzar_mystik, a pleasantly large amount of megnc86, a nice amount of Kim (who showed up with Megan), some Kathy&David J, and a very agreeable dose of kizmet100 and supersniffles.

foxypinkninja, as is usual lately, didn't sing, but did talk to me extensively about programming. She's kinda chomping at the bit to do something, and is looking at my software as something to do. Which means I'm being backed into doing research - so far I've been looking at SoundTouch, SWIG, and the related MinGW.

All of which would be involved in gussying up PyKaraoke so that it had sufficient functionality to replace my present player. It doesn't quite do things the way I'd like it to, but most importantly doesn't provide pitch shifting.

The fact that I've had two different recent occasions where I've been very unhappy with my player's pitch-shifting helps to spur things along a bit, too.

Anyway. After the show, and a remarkably long shutdown, Timmie, Cindi, and I had a nice supper at Denny's, then off to home, where I mostly sat around like a lump, interspersed with being forced to watch bits of Mamma Mia by Timmie.

I got to bed around 6:00am, woke up a bit around noon, then fell asleep again until around 5:00pm.

The plan had been to go visit my parents. I didn't even manage to get myself dressed until 8:30pm.

By that point I was ravenous, so I gave up on my attempts to keep food spending under control, and went off to snarf down some dinner at Chevy's.

That was the excitement for the day, apart from mailing back and forth with yet another potential Craigslist customer who'll end up not showing up.

And now I'm considering going off to join Timmie and chargerboy at TD's.

I did receive a very amusing email for the bar last night. Apparently Mark at K-Club runs the most popular karaoke shows in the Bay Area, and is looking to expand - mostly into my nights. I'll be passing the email on to Paula (Not my job to filter these things), but I didn't know anyone was even doing karaoke on Santana Row. He claims to have twice as many songs as I do. Wonder if they're legal...

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James JUST now made it to Oregon...

1am.. haha I feel bad since he has to get back up at 8am to move things to and from tammie's storage unit..who is really bad at driving may I say..I thought he was kidding but she totally ran a red light last night and made an illegal u-turn in the middle of an intersection hahahaha..

also that guy's website looks a bit....shady...

Edited at 2009-04-01 08:15 am (UTC)

500 miles takes a while. From the description, I'm just glad that everyone survived her driving.

To me, his site looks, well, cut and paste. It looks very much like info has been shoehorned into "personalized website design #5" from some generic website builder.

Of course, it also kinda reeks of "I'm gonna try to give the impression that my company is more than just me"...

Paula does realize that if she gives this guy your slot that she will lose a large percentage of her customer base and one of her bartenders right? He may run a popular show but I'm betting part of it's popularity is based on location. Julz and Dana seemed popular at first cause they brought in some clientele from their other gigs. However that was short lived and while I haven't been to one of their shows in quite a while from what I've heard they are pretty empty these days.

I'm not particularly worried, dear - more amused. He's declared that he's popular, but the fact of the matter is that if you hear about the two most popular karaoke bars in the South Bay, Seven Bamboo and King of Clubs are the places mentioned.

We're only number five as far as the Chronicle is concerned (I believe it was the Chronicle), but given it's an SF paper, and we're way the hell down the peninsula, that's still pretty impressive.

I've never heard a peep about a show in Santana Row.

He's just doing self-promotion. I think it's funny that he's trying to do it by effectively emailing the main person he's trying to replace.

Did you twist Timmie's arm to come up to the city tonight? We need to get the two Tim's together...

Didn't have to - Patrick's been doing it for me. So they'll be there tonight.

My friend tankgirl is also coming. This should be a fun night.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

I agree, ewwww


I hadn't really noticed.

I just like the fact that with a completely different style of shirt, he still seems to be sporting a virtual popped collar...

I'm a lil creeped out by this James guy saying he knows me.... Timmie sent me a pic & I honestly can't remember ever seeing him before in my life.... Maybe he's seen me @ HoB but I dunno that I've ever even had a convo with him (& I know its not a lack of sobriety thing, cuz I'm pretty much sober all the time these days)


Well, maybe he's just admired you from afar.

It would kinda fit that you'd end up with a gay stalker...

Damn my luck, though he wouldn't be the first guy there that knows of me & waits a friggin long time to actually talk to me...... am I really that unapproachable?

Let me think...

Hot, vivacious girl generally surrounded by a group of close friends that spend a large amount of their time trading in-jokes.

Nope, not unapproachable at all, at all.

LMAO......stupid I didn't realize it was my friends that were preventing me from meeting men...... note to self: become loner abandon all friends unless they are other hot chix.....

Well now.

I'm just saying that if you're surrounded by a group, it's going to be difficult to fight through them to introduce oneself.

Especially since you are kind of a specialist at closed-group conversations.

Your main choices are:

  • Put more effort into going out and introducing yourself to people that look vaguely interesting.

  • Rejoice in the fact that your environment selects for overconfident assholes, which is what you go for, anyway.

  • Surround yourself with plain chicks. Not ugly, but definitely plain enough that you stand out.

LMAO.......funny cuz its true....

Jess tryin' to help... :-D

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

You kind of always surround yourself with a quiet space, dear.

I frequently do that intentionally - it allows me to be introverted in a public space.

But it's a pain in the ass when you actually want to connect with someone.

Generally, try approaching other people yourself. Sneak your way into conversations - you have much to say, and know a wealth of interesting information. Smile at people you don't know.

Or ignore what's being said by the self-elected advice columnist...

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Heh - practice. I still haven't figured out what cues are used to build it.

But I believe the previous set of suggestions are a good start.

There's also method acting - when you go to a place, tell yourself you're interesting, and people want to talk to you. If you find your posture changing, it's working.

Well, OK, if people start talking to you, it's working.

If you start talking to people, it's working well.

Umm...why does the guy have multi colored butt plugs underneath his picture?

That's... one hell of a good question...

Also, what's an "accutrement?" Does he not have spell check?

Of course, I still can't figure out if "After Ours Entertainment Group" is an incredibly bad pun, or just hopelessness.

He's just another example of how some of us can be pretty, while others can be stupid, but a precious few are extra special and get to be pretty stupid.

And homie there fits every pun I just said.

I'm still curious about the people shaped butt plugs. Is it his version of "Up With People"? Maybe a game he plays during his shows? Kinda like Pin the tail on the donkey? Put a plug up the kj?

I'm confused, yet quite intrigued.

The thing is, I'd be willing to bet they came with the default template he used, just like the random "holding hands" image at the top of the page.

Which brings one to wonder about the designer...

Aww Brucie. Why ya gotta be so analytical and spoil my fun little fantasy of him in his chain mail shirt, down on all fours with a big smile on his face, just waiting on a line of guys with slicked back greasy hair anD women in poodle skirts & bobbie socks to come by and shove a lime green Alfred Hitchcock butt plug up his rectum.