Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Slow and Easy

Thursday I actually managed to both get a new roll of gaffer's tape and get to the bar a bit early. I was set up and ready to go on time, for a change.

Of course, I started late anyway. One of the guys that comes in early had stacked up a huge number of songs in the jukebox, and I let a few of them play before starting.

Interesting night. The first two singers were trivialt and Wayne (Trankie). Wayne, of course, is the one that stayed all night. He was later joined by Jorgie, who was being even more Jorgie than usual. And whistling, as markobellydance will attest - while wincing.

David T brought his family - and got his mother (Lois) to sing a few songs.

Ed's sister Maria came in, and sang a few as well (apparently, it was family night). The fun thing there (for me) was joining them on Pop Muzik, because she just wanted to do the female accompaniment, and he didn't quite know the song. Well, didn't hurt that she's cute.

We didn't get Alex or Bill out of that group, but we did manage some Richard.

qzar_mystik was there for a few hours, as were snafflekid, dionuse, and Marko. One suspects at least a couple of them might have stayed later sans Jorgie.

Josel came back in from last week.

Most everybody left around 11:30pm. Except then lucydogstringer and justnate showed up, supersniffles came in, and, like before, Puneeta's group showed up at just about 1:30am. Much fun, even if Jorgie weaseled his way into every. single. group. song. they. did. I had to keep finding what mic he was using, and turn it down.

Like the last time they showed up, I ran until 2:20am, just to get them more songs. That finished off the 9th round.

As timenchanter put it, it was quite a decent Sunday. Unfortunately, that meant is was 40% off target for a Thursday. I'll probably have to deal with some Paula moaning as a result, but them's the breaks. I'd be happy to shift over to being paid a fraction of sales - I'd make more money, on average. And she knows it.

Timmie and I were out of there around, I believe, 3:00am, and then went and joined Steven chez April. An hour of lively conversation later, I was home, and eventually asleep.

Friday. Hmmm. I slept latish, and spent a lot of the day emailing back and forth with various people that eventually decided they didn't want to buy stuff I have on Craigslist. I finally got up and clean around 6:30pm, and ended up meeting Veronica for dinner at Godavari (née Sue's Indian Cuisine). A nice little dinner, with good company. They have a decent masala dosa, so I'm likely to be back.

After dinner, we wandered down to the East West Bookstore, looked at tchochkes, talked to jasonmagick, and generally relaxed. Veronica ran into a different employee that was someone she knew. Kinda amusing.

Then I drove her up and introduced her to Ku Day Ta, after which we went and saw Watchmen. Good film. After the number of people I've heard complain about it, I was quite pleasantly surprised. Definitely a long film, but I didn't notice anything particularly extraneous to the plot - I think it would have suffered badly if it had been cut any further. And the violence, while, well, violent, fit.

I dropped her back off at her car, which, um, took quite a while, then back home, and sleep.

And now I'm reemerging into consciousness. And late for my parents...

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