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Two Worlds

I woke up around 2:20, and jumped in the shower so I could pick up Mena at 3:30.  It was the last day of class for a couple of weeks, and I knew she wanted to do something with some of her friends, but I didn't quite know that I was going to have her and four of them in my little Escort.

Fortunately we dropped one off at the Light Rail station, but then I needed to worry about 4 people and a child in a car seat.  Christina, the smallest one, sat on Mena's lap, which made things a lot of fun when we took turns tickling Mena.

So I took the kids to Chuck-E-Cheese,  and got to talk to them, and eat the oh-so-yummy food.  Oh, and take my turn watching Mellie, which wasn't so bad - we all took turns, so one could pass her off before things reached the level of exhaustion.

It was... interesting.  I first though everyone there was so immature because they were so young, then realized that while Aaron was 18, the rest were in their early 20s, something I'm used to at the bar.  No, they were immature because they were the type of people to be taking a class on secretarial skills in their early 20s.  'Nuff said.  I had fun, despite all I'm saying.

We finished up around 8:00, then I dropped everyone off on my way to the bar.

This was the second Vibe, and pretty much rocked.  While attendance wasn't stellar, Paula should be happy, because sales were better.

I got myself reasonably toasty, and had a good time talking to people.  valeriesparks and mr_seed DJed for about half the night, and were positively amazing.  My only sadness is that Valerie was supposed to go-go, and felt too self-conscious.  Such is life.  spawrhawk ended up go-going almost all night, so we had one excellent dancer.  He did his best to get Valerie to dance, too.  I think she kept comparing herself to him in terms of skill, which is always going to be an unfair comparison...

I spent a lot of the night talking to swanhart and electrichobbit, who are both great to talk to, and also got the chance to actually converse with Valerie for a bit, which is a first...

I helped close up the bar after the show (In a small way, but given how dead unbreak_able and Eddie were, any small amount probably meant something), then went off to Denny's with them and timenchanter, who seriously needed to sober up.  The Timmie had definitely had too much fun.

So fun at Denny's, where Eddie and Debbie tried to gross Timmie out, and Timmie succeeded in revenge by eating oatmeal, which grossed Debbie out something awful.  What goes around...

Then got Timmie back to his car, followed him home to make sure he made it OK, then home.

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