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I'm awake, settled in, and sipping on cinnamon tea. Time to catch up on the last two days.

Which ties into the general subject. I was late to the show both days, and ran late as well. Not that this is anything surprising, mind you, but I've got a theme, and I'm gonna run with it.

So yeah. On Tuesday, I got to Dev's place a little after 6:00pm, which was not good for being ready by 7:00pm, given we needed to scrounge up tables and chair for my setup, move the TV from the family room into the, well, it's more like a great hall than a living room, and readjust the crossbar on the light rig (It was too low for the TV). That's all before setting up my speakers, running all the cables, and taping them down.

Oh yeah. I'm supposed to go buy more gaffer's tape today.

So anyway, I wasn't really ready to go until 7:40pm. Which turned out to be fine - the only people there at the time were Dev and some helpers.

Fortunately it picked up. I mean, it never got huge - the longest rotation was around 9 people, and I did 10 rotations before ending at 12:40am - but it was lively, with lots of cheering and general carrying-on. And I definitely made enough to make the evening worthwhile financially.

A few people didn't show that I thought would - like Judy. She apparently finds $10 excessive. Oh well. Michelle also didn't make it, but as I remember, there's a child care issue there, so that could explain it.

We had snacks, and eventually pizza. One of the guests, David, brought his son Colin. That was a lot of fun. I like getting kids to sing (He's about 13). Though when he showed up, I did decide to clean up my songs a little (the first one was going to be the ballad of Chasey Lain).

Steve also came back, and brought a disc of Jonathan Coulton karaoke - hence the purchase the following day.

Towards the end of the night, a girl named Holly showed up. She's apparently Dev's latest, uh, whatever. I'm beginning to think he has one a week. Anyway, Wednesday was her birthday, so we had fun with that at midnight. She apparently hasn't really done much karaoke, but I hope that changes. She has a nice voice, and good taste: Her first song was Fancy.

Shutdown went excessively slow, mostly because of conversations, and occasionally playing things. I finally packed up with Sean's help, and broke off talking with him around 2:20am, at which time I went and joined timenchanter at the Mini. I was kinda full of pizza, so I just had some soup.

Mmmm... Soup...

Then home, the usual fiddling on the net, and sleep.

I woke up again around, I think, 2:00pm, and proceeded to fail at getting Coulton's website to load - I think he may have become popular, which would be a very good thing. It finally started working later in the afternoon, and acquiring, assimilating, and posting about that helped get me on the road much later than I should have.

I generally want to start on the trail around 6:00pm. It was about 6:35pm when I actually got going - and nearly 7:40pm when I finally found a place to park and got into the bar.

Apparently now the parking lot is not only off limits to people in general, but George and Cher can't park there either.

We'll just gloss over my absent-mindedly turning the wrong way on 7th for right now. Exciting, but very, very stupid.

So it was possibly a little after 9:00pm when I finally finished setup. Fortunately, again, I didn't delay any customers too much - jannypanlj was later than usual, and the others there weren't all that interested.

But by 9:20pm we were off.

Interesting night. There was a lot of come and go at the bar, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, nor necessarily a good thing. It's good if people came in, had a drink, were entertained, and went home. Bad if they decided they didn't like the place. So I dunno.

But Tim and Maria were there, which is always fun. She's definitely interested in doing karaoke, and has my card, so hopefully we can get together and talk on the subject. Of course, she also got wasted, so who knows what happened to the card...

And we had Matthew, and Anthony, and Justin. Nick (the old KJ) hung around for most of the night. Mac sang a couple of songs. Rex came back. A new guy, Jake, did a very good job of quite a few songs. Then there was Zoltan, who finally finished poring over the book while sitting with his friends, and then sang every round.

Maria had trouble dealing with the name. Well, OK, she thought it was hilarious. He seemed gratified when I told her it was a standard Hungarian name.

Abby (from the New Yorker fiasco) finally showed back up, with her friend/boyfriend/husband/whatever John in tow. She tried to get him to sing The Great Beyond by R.E.M., and was quite disturbed when neither he nor I knew it. We apparently just don't have a proper musical education...

There were 8 rotations last night - the vast majority before midnight, because people in that city seem to not get around to going out until then. Or at least that's when they get to Julie's.

The Julianna and Alba group (including Kevin, Christian, and Mike) showed up around then, and immediately started putting slips in. One of them (I think Julianna) lives right across the street, a couple are local, and the rest were apparently culled from the GDC, so they took up the slack of julzinator and Ariel not showing up.

Around 1:15am, a woman named Lisa put in a song. I managed to squeeze her in, and am gratified I did. She has an absolutely gorgeous voice. The rest of her wasn't too shabby, either.

Around 1:40am, a couple put a song in. I had no way in hell of squeezing them in, and they actually left about 10 minutes later.

When I shut down at 2:01am, there were a couple of guys busily perusing the books.

I don't get it. But hey - they were nice, and they bought drinks.

The funny thing is that none of the expected groups came in. Wil was supposed to be bringing a client, Jessica was supposed to show up, and I was really hoping for Julie and Ariel. But we did quite nicely. My share of the bar take was still kinda low, but I have no reason to complain after adding in the tips.

Then the usual shutdown bit, where I got to listen to talk about the business while winding cords. They're always a fun group to eavesdrop on.

I got on the road by a little after 3:00am, did the April thing, came home, and fiddled around uselessly until nearly 7:00am. I really have no idea what I was doing. Then some sleep, and here I sit.

The hope is that I'll actually get myself up and clean shortly, with the general intention of making it to the bar on time for a change. There is always hope.

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