Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Easy Sunday

So I managed to finish binding the three new books yesterday afternoon. I even did some laundry simultaneously (Woo! Multitasking! And I have pants!).

Of course, I'd also had the concept of getting to the bar early, in order to get some extra stuff done. And, at my usual speed, I did get there early. About 15 minutes early.

Oh well - I still got the main bit done, anyway, which was to gut my old rack of anything salable. Not that I've had many nibbles for the stuff I have up on Craigslist, but hey - can't hurt, can it? Besides, the ads are free, and I've removed more stuff from potential harm's way.

I just need to figure out where to stack it, before I (hopefully) sell it. Especially my old amp - mofo is heavy. Also doesn't work right, which could be an issue.

With all that, I was still set up right on time. Well, because I set up first, and I had plenty of time to unscrew things before 9:00pm, when the first people showed up.

And then a nice little party developed. Definitely a little party, but a lively one - we did OK in sales, but if we're going to make target, we need a busy night tonight (hint, hint...).

Veronica showed up, so I got my quota of hugs - and she sang, too! We also had more Sarah and Paul, as well as Honey, snafflekid, kizmet100 (who brought some very yummy cookies), and trivialt. I left a chair by the DJ booth for foxypinkninja, which saw a fair amount of use.

And then there were Stacey and Bobby, who were a riot and a half. Stacey is a very good singer. Bobby's not quite as good, but makes up for it in enthusiasm.

Bobby's almost too gay for the bar. Given the guy Stacey was making out with, she... isn't. But they were both lively, and fun, and enthusiastic, and just all-around brightened the place up. Hell, the flames coming off of Bobby were enough to illuminate the bar on their own.

People started fading around 11:30pm, so by the end of the night, it was just myself, timenchanter, Stacey, Bobby, and Kendall. And the guy that Stacey was hanging on.

I finished the 10th rotation at just about 1:45am.

It was Sunday, so shutdown was relatively rapid. Then Timmie and I had a long supper over at April's, and then home, and sleep.

That's about it so far. I need to get cleaned up, move the salvaged equipment out of the car (and dust it), find something to eat, and go sing.

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