Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Daze Off

When last we left our wandering anti-hero, it was early Friday evening...

Ah yes. Sarah&David's party. I even remember most of it.

It was the day after Sarah's 30th, and also a housewarming party for David moving in, with a fairly large guest list - which turned into an interesting collision of realities.

First of all, the fact that they live in the same park as supersniffles is just hilarious. Especially since timenchanter had just left the park that afternoon at about 2:00pm.

Then there was Julia, who I haven't seen since doing Creekside. It's hard to describe all of my feelings about Julia. She's definitely a nice enough person, reasonably talented, and quite attractive (which doesn't hurt). She used to have a habit of bringing one of various wind instruments to the show, and playing along for part of her song.

That was really cool. I like people doing slightly offbeat things like that. The fact that she wasn't exactly a virtuoso with each instrument is also fine - after all, again, it's karaoke.

However, the fact that she seemed to therefore think of herself as intensely superior was really irritating. There's a certain smugness to Julia, that isn't, as far as I can tell, hugely warranted. But hey, she's still nice enough.

Then there was Julie, Aaron's girlfriend. Aaron does the show at Alex's 49er, and I mentioned that I'd been there a few times with tankgirl. Julie seemed a little disturbed by Angela's name.

She's apparently been Aaron's girlfriend since around August. I'm not going to say any more, except "Awkward"...

Then there were Allan and Christy (whose names I'm sure I've spelled incorrectly), who were involved with the various Industrial nights at KoC. At least, Christy seemed awfully familiar, and Allan used to DJ. No awkwardness there at all.

I think Ellen was the name of the woman that I really really should remember from then, because she's definitely towards the stunning side of things.

I spent most of the night talking to Alicia (probably, again, not the right spelling), who I apparently should know from Con, but don't. Young, redhead, on the larger side. Very interesting to talk to.

Of course, after we talked about how she used to date creepy old men (I always get there too late), one of them, Scott, walked into the party. I spent a fair amount of the next few hours providing excuses for her to be in a different part of the party.

Then there were Scott&Milton, who passed out relatively early compared to the rest of us; Yura, a Latvian mathematician who apparently ended up wrestling with Timmie after I left; and Nico (I think that's his name, and spelling is again approximate), a rather interesting artist, philosopher, bookworm, and jazz enthusiast that I ended up talking to for an hour or so. Nico is one of those that thinks he'll someday figure out how to "plug in" to the universe, and have it all make sense.

I wish him luck.

Timmie and I went in together on a bottle of Kübler as a housewarming present. I ended up spending a fair amount of time mixing it up for people - and getting compliments. It's a fair indication of how drunk Timmie was later that he was drinking some - before suddenly handing it to me while going "Why am I drinking anise?"

Given how many glasses of the stuff I had, it's amazing that I didn't fall over...

I spent a lot of the evening with Sarah hanging on, or sitting on, me, which is always pleasant. Of course, then she'd go make out with her boyfriend...

I left around, I think, 4:30am, got home, and tried that whole "sleeping" thing. I got back up around noon, and started back in on the latest three discs. Then it was a matter of getting clean and up to the Dome, which I did rather late - something like 6:30pm.

But in time to spend a nice evening with the 'rents, as well as Beth and Vee. My mom was making fondue for the occasion, and I sorta ended up taking over - well, that part. Though her methods and mine are wildly different, as it turns out.

Whatever, it tasted good. And the company was excellent.

I headed home from there around 11:00pm, and pretty much just went to sleep. With a few spots of wakefulness here and there, sleep is what I did between then and 11:00am today.

Right now, I'm looking at starting a binding job. In between everything else, I've been printing out three new sets of books, and I just finished the last of it. There's a huge stack of paper on my bed right now, and it all needs to be punched and bound. Woo.

In really good news, Dev is starting Tuesdays back up, and is committed to the next 5. Which means a likelihood of making rent, especially if I can convince more people to show up (hint, hint...). I'll be posting separately about it later.

Anyway, off to get punchy.

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