Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Good Times

I started the show pretty much on time last night, despite the simultaneous filming. On the whole, the two didn't interfere with each other too much - I had one scene where I again called Nani up to sing the same damn song, which took a couple of takes.

And got me a little testy, because Angie hadn't prepped me on what they were doing in the scene.

And we went "silent" for 5 minutes later on so they could do a conversation scene.

Otherwise, it was just people talking about being blinded - mostly jokingly. Mostly.

I gotta say, it was an experience singing on stage with the full set of lights going...

Otherwise, busy night. Angie convinced vanillaspice to come out, which was really great. And we had kizmet100, a rare appearance by sugarbare, an equally rare appearance by Hex, with his new girlfriend Amber in tow (she seems quite nice), Aaron (after many moons) with his friend/coworker Melanie in tow (I liked), Miki, Albert, foxypinkninja, Sarah&Paul, trivialt, markobellydance, Adonis, moahb, Rick, an astoundingly rare appearance by mvmedic, an abortive appearance by sparkle_journal and jackal_logic, Mikey H, snafflekid, a new very good singer named Josel, cybrenn, Bill sans the rest of the Alex group (they're apparently off skiing), Joe, (Big Bad) John, the David that hangs around Miki, and supersniffles.

A nice little crowd. I only managed 6 rotations because almost no-one was in the last 3.

Oh, and Nani sang another song. I introduced her as "Walker" (her name in the movie), and started up the movie's song, just to mess with her head.

I certainly had a great time (Melanie really is quite cute in my book), though by the end of shutdown I'd been in the bar for 11 hours, mostly without a break. I wuz tired. My calves were tired.

We shut down in remarkably short order, and had a pleasant little time at Denny's, just myself, timenchanter, and Cindi.

They headed off to do exercises. I headed home, unloaded, and slept.

Today I got up rather earlier than normal, because raven2000 called, asking for a loan for a few hours. I cleaned up, headed out, and obliged - though there may be some long-term repercussions, in that the damn place may keep a hold on my bank account for a ridiculous length of time. Ah well.

Then I picked up my discs from the post office, and have been somewhat slowly assimilating them, in between fielding Craigslist calls (someone actually came by and bought one of my Sharks), handling Paula panic (I keep on doing typos on the website. Think I've got it under control. I'm not consciously screwing up), and doing a bit of cleanup (someone was coming over to buy something. The overflowing trash was just a tad embarrassing).

I've also had a call from SJSU talking about a party, unfortunately on a Thursday. But at least they're still talking to me. And Aaron has me listed as his hotel's "karaoke contact," and tells me that I should charge ridiculous amounts if they call me.

Not too bad for a day off.

Now I should wrap up this equinox post, and head out to Sarah and David's party with Timmie. It's a hard life.

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