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And.... Action

I've been at the bar since about 3:30pm, where Timmie and I are attempting to help with Angie's movie. Mostly this involves staying out of the way, though it's also involved downloading the song they want for the scene (Aaliyah's At Your Best).

So, under minor pressure, I've finally caved and downloaded tracks. I've got to figure how I'm going to maintain documentation for them.

And since I was doing the one, I also snagged a copy of Blasphemous Rumours. Because I've wanted it for ages.

Otherwise, hmmm, the last day...

Yesterday afternoon, I put most everything up on Craigslist that I'd been meaning to. I've even gotten a response to the loom ad. Too bad it's from a Nigerian scammer...

Last night's show at Julie's was, well, "slow" would be a good term. I started around 8:50pm because jannypanlj put a stack of songs in. I believe the rotation consisted of the two of us until something like 10:30pm.

Hell, for most of that time, we were the people in the room, apart from Cher and Anthony.

Then things picked up a little, but not hugely. A group of guys came in (I think Japanese descent), and did a bunch of mostly urban stuff, adequately. They certainly weren't great, but weren't as bad as they thought they were (They tipped me well for "putting up with their singing").

Wil showed up (again, finally), and sang about 5 songs, which may be a record for him. He's supposedly bringing in a Korean client next week - and we have apparently have a party coming in, too. Should be good.

Rachel, Kym, and a couple of boys showed up for about an hour. Apparently they'd been off celebrating Kym's birthday.

And then there were Angie and Manny, both good singers, I think on a date. I'd love to see more of both of them. I'd especially like to see more of her. Rowr.

And that's mostly it, apart from the girl that at the last minute, when almost everyone was gone, finally had the courage to sing That Don't Impress Me Much.

And that was pretty much it. All 17 rotations of it.

The funny thing is that I made the same amount of money this week - $10 less from the bar, and $10 more in tips. Still not exactly great, but at least it's been more than the cost of getting there.

Jan brought me a couple of the area free newspapers, so now I have even less of an excuse to expand my advertising.

Shutdown was pretty smooth, and then the usual slide down the peninsula, with a stop-off chez April.

And then the home and sleep thing.

I missed a mail delivery today, and I'm only waiting for one thing, so I should have some more discs tomorrow.

And otherwise, I need to get back to playing the same track over and over and over...

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