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Bruce [userpic]
Dead Stop

I managed to pay a bill yesterday. That's it from the "things I should do" column.

I did not put any ads on Craigslist. I did not make it to the Tower. I did not make it to TDs later.

However, I did have an excellent dinner with kshandra, so the day was not at all a loss. She originally suggested the Brit as a non-Irish destination. We both wore orange and green.

The Brit was, of course, crowded to the gills with Americans that think the British celebrate Irish holidays. They're right next to each other, so they're nearly the same place, right?

I suggested the Olive Garden, which turned out very nicely, if rather over-filling.

Then I came home, where I've done a few hours of nothing much.

I think bed now, and hopefully an attempt at productivity tomorrow.

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