Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Fun and Profit

I managed to do almost all the things I planned for yesterday afternoon. The mics now both are running on quieter frequencies. Sennheiser has an awesome tool that'll use the national database to find what frequencies are free - or low-use - in your area. Of course, it turns out that neither of my mics can actually be set to the really open ones, but I was able to find ranges they could use that involved less interference all along the peninsula.

And I cleaned out my trunk, which hasn't been done since I got the car. I even found almost all the missing pieces to the items that had missing pieces (There're still two bolts missing from my miter box - but it should work as it is). A half a can of garbage, and a ton of random shit hauled into my room later, there's a lot more room in there. And I at least temporarily know where everything is.

That took until 6:15pm. So I didn't have time to work on the dolly board.

So I loaded up, grabbed some Carl's, and got to the bar at almost precisely 7:00pm, where I got my cardio hauling the rack to the back of the bar. Actually my second bit of cardio - lately, rather than pulling the car back to the apartment door, I've taken to just walking the thing back to the carport. I could use the exercise, and it doesn't block the neighbors.

It's also really gratifying that I can do it. Back when I first put this system together, hauling it in or out of the bar involved at least two stops at bar tables to recover, and just barely having the strength to maneuver it into the car. Never let it be said that karaoke is bad for you.

Julz had removed all of her equipment, so there was some delay while I went and dug out my old rack (I use it as a table when hers isn't in the same spot), and there was a very slight delay getting singers.

Though mostly we were watching Across the Universe.

When I started at, I believe, 8:30pm, I had 7 singers lined up - myself, timenchanter, sjgrrrl, swanhart, sparkle_journal, jackal_logic, and kshandra.

Did I mention it was blast from the past night? Not only did I get to see Heather, and quite a bit of Justin, but as previously mentioned, electrichobbit is in town, brought jorgitoelcubano, and of all people, the heavily-missed vanillaspice appeared!

For singers, we also had Ryan&Chelsea's friend Peter, Kathy and David J (who stayed longer than usual), supersniffles, kizmet100 (with foxypinkninja and the mysterious Josh in tow (who's quite on the good-looking side)), trivialt, a nice like Latin lesbian group (Ricky and Grecia sang, and I was again embarrassed by the size of my Spanish collection), Amy (why do almost all of Ryan and Chelsea's close friends sing like angels?), snafflekid, h2ocrazyguy, lucydogstringer (apparently he's coming to my shows as a protest against J&D, which means I get to see (and hear) him), moahb, and a special appearance by Jorgie, being, well, Jorgie.

A very very fun night, with great people, great singing, and quite a great deal of cheering.

Though I think I still have a bruise from Kendall's protest at my singing the Banana Splits song. Totally not fair, given it was a suicide from Steven. Besides, the whole bar was tra-la-laing along.

We also had a visit by the elusive maiandra, who made it official: I will be doing a show at Baycon this year, which is awesome. I'll be in, or near, the Hyatt bar. Details to follow.

The usual midnight drop-off meant I was able to fit 7 rotations in before closing at 1:55am.

To find that between impressive sales, and impressive tips (who the hell tipped me a $20?), I made almost as much last night as I did Thursday. To a large extent, any money we make tonight is pure gravy.

Or, if I want to be depressing, as counting against tomorrow's show, which obviously is again not happening. At least, Dev hasn't put it on his calendar, and it's a little late to start advertising it now.

Cindi was a bit beyond tipsy (she was to the "I should be fine to drive" point), so I took her out to see April and sober up. Timmie would have joined us, but he had higher priorities.

Fun as always, though I dunno if the table behind me really wanted to know that much about snake and bird sex. But hey - it was educational.

Then home, where I pretty much just went to sleep. Now I'm back up, and need to get myself back to work.

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