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Bruce [userpic]

Both electrichobbit and vanillaspice are here!


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I knew I recognized that gay from somewhere!

I meant to write guy.

Either way it's appropriate...and so much funnier the former... lol

I met Jorge outside and he said "I have a surprise for you in the bar!"
"Is it pink?" I asked.
"No, it's red."
"Is it Electric Hobbit?"

DAMNIT. I asked Daniel if he was going to be at the bar and he didn't tell me! Of course this is the shitty week for me to go out. I missed them. :(

I hear from reliable sources that this magical occasion could recur tonight.

OH?! Well, I'll have to put on my magical Irish shirt and come out to pre-celebrate the Irish holiday with a pint, a monkey and a Spice Boi. Yay!

Yay for Daniel and Mark!! I would have loved to have seen them but I was dealing with drag queens... Why do they insist on starting 45 minutes late?!

Have you ever tried to strap all that stuff on?

No, and in some of their defense they had some rocking outfits... One girl dressed as Cruella DeVil for one number, and the Evil Queen from Snow White for another. She likes to do Disney numbers, and when she is not in face, is pretty cute as a boy...lol