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Made It!

So as the day went by yesterday, I got progressively better - not great, but better.  By the time evening rolled around I was pretty much resolved to do the show.  So I dosed myself up on antihistamines.

Had a nice Japanese dinner with timenchanter, which was cool - it was the first time we'd seen each other since last week.

Then off to the show!  To realize I had almost no slips.  So I zoomed back home, printed some up, then zoomed back to the show.  In the end, got there about 8:10, but was at most 5 minutes late starting.

Interesting evening.  I was mostly OK, if a little woozy, though my already limited range was much smaller.  I tried to find songs that fit it, and was mostly successful.  The bar got reasonably full, if not packed, but the rotation never got too insane.  People that stayed all night - like trivialt - got 6 songs, which is unusual for a Thursday.

It was a pretty fun night.  People seemed to be having a good time - there was a lot of impromptu go-go dancing.  I ran until about 1:50, just to get the last slip off my table.  Partly because I needed to clean a disc, the last song was supersniffles doing Closing Time.

At this point, cekyr0 and kozmic_tar were both pretty toasty, so Stan, Cindi and myself went out with them to Denny's.  We had a great time, even if Alex wasn't awake for all of it.  Cindi got to describe Baycon to the others, who had never been.  It was fun hearing her, because she always has a completely different experience from mine.

By the time we were finished - just before 4:00 - Alex was sound asleep at the table.  In fact, impossible to wake up.  Stan tried pulling him out, and ended up wedging him between the seat and the table legs.  That was, in fact, the point at which he somewhat woke up.  Something about pain, I think.  After some further extraction exercises, we all got out of the booth, and I took Alex home.

A good time all around.

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