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Bruce [userpic]
Relaxation and Panic

So I got all of my planned tasks done yesterday, then got myself up to the Dome by something like 5:30pm. A few little things done for the parents there (though it turns out that changing their furnace filter is quite an adventure), a dinner of artichokes and cassoulet with confit d'oie, the usual chit-chat, and then out of there by about 10:00pm.

Then down to Ku Day Ta for some sweet ginger tea (the stuff is addictive - and I'd just had cassoulet...).

Where I made the bad bad mistake of adding up likely income for the next couple of weeks, and subtracting fixed expenses.

I finished my tea, headed home, and went straight to bed, because when things reach a certain level of panic, my brain turns itself off.

That lasted until about 2:00pm today, with a couple of bouts of lucidity in between. I should panic more often - I'd get more sleep.


So I'm now up. On the positive side, I've finally finished removing everything from the bed, soaked the sheets in OxiClean, and started a laundry load. I really don't want to think about how long it's been since I last washed them...

Today's theme is, obviously, "not thinking about things."

And now, hopefully, I'll start in on reconciling my checking and cash accounts, because, when I finally allow myself to consider money, it would be good to actually know where I stand.

Or sink.

In the meantime, I fielded a panicked call from Paula. The damned Tuesday thing wasn't showing up on the website. Shoulda pointed her at Julz, but I fixed it, and even took the taglines back out, since I figured partway through that Julz had broken my event queue stuff, and so I just restored the site.

Turned out to be a typo on my part.

I also set that up for the future (2nd and 3rd Tuesdays), because I dunno when I'll get back to it.

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