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Bruce [userpic]
Bad Mistake

I started taking a serious look at my finances.

I'm now in bed, making soothing sounds to myself in my head, hoping to sleep through the panic...

Current Location: The Duplex
Mood: anxiousanxious

Crap. I went to bed JUST before you posted this. I'd've gladly made soothing noises at you, even if only virtually.

*hugs you and wishes, yet again, for a magic wand to fix all her loved ones' money problems*

It's perfectly all right, dear. I have an amazing - and frequently amazingly irritating - ability to turn off my brain...

As do I...I just don't have any control over it. :-P

Did I imply I had control? I'm sorry.

I've been trying to wake up since about 11:00am, and just finally crawled out of bed.

Mostly by strongly suppressing thoughts of money.

Since you haven't posted since, I'm hoping that sleep thing worked out.

Well, it's the first full night's sleep I've had in weeks, so offhand, yeah, it worked out pretty well.