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Bruce [userpic]
Something Funny Happened on the Way Through the Mall

I was just pounced on by segajenison, who's working at the Bath&Body Works here.

That was cool. Haven't seen her since Baycon.

Current Location: Great Mall
Mood: cheerfulcheerful

..The shit is baycon? Is that some kind of nerd thing?

That is my favorite kor27 icon, by the by.

Yes, yes, it's very much a nerd thing.

That picture was taken at Baycon many years ago (note the beard is actually black), and is minus She Who Is Not To Be Named, who was under my left arm.

I'd rather watch my grandparents having sex than click that link.

Nice black beard.

I can almost guarantee that you wouldn't. The link is innocuous.

However, I can't vouch for how turned on you get watching elderly family members get it on.

Mine? not so much.

Yours though? ROWWWWWWWLLL

Well, if you're going for my grandparents, you're just going to have to surrender to necrophilia...

Nice. Were THEY hippies too? I don't want to [MATERIAL CUT FOR PURPOSES OF CENSORSHIP] them as well.

Well, if you're going to be technical about it, none of us have ever, to my knowledge, been hippies. My grandfather on my dad's side was an alcoholic, though...

Was my old car named after "She is Not to be Named"?


I miss that car. *Sigh* Nice boobs.

It's good to have nice padding...

..The shit is baycon? Is that some kind of nerd thing?

Yes. Twisted and sad and not even sort of social. Worse than a high school physics of computer chess club meeting. No parties, no drinking, and most assuredly no sex. Avoid it like the hideously boring plague that it is.

It's always good to hear that she's not dead.

Isn't it, though? And she looked in, um, no worse health than usual.

New BF doesn't drink or do drugs so she doesn't either. At least not very much.

She seemed quite cogent and happy, with a reasonable level of energy.

That said, her skin was the usual waxy white.

Most of that is makeup!

Really? Wow...

I could use a good Stephen Sondheim show right now.

There are bad ones?