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Bruce [userpic]
Two Days of KoC

Sunday's show went very smoothly. I believe I was ready a little late, mostly because Paula wanted to talk to me outside for a bit - mostly apologies about Julz blowing up. I felt pretty bad for her - she deals with conflict even worse than I do, and thought everything would have been cleared up more... calmly.

I made soothing sounds, and also tried to do a little damage control on the interchange I wasn't a part of. Not that there's a huge amount that can be done.

The delay wasn't too much of a problem, because we really didn't have people there until something like 8:30pm, anyway. Well, we did, but they weren't singing: sugarbare and hollyk came in to visit with writenwrong. And he was busy schmoozing with them.

As I've mentioned before, it was a combination of synkitty and 1ferritgurl's reception, and a "visit with Paul" convention. It all worked out pretty well.

Synthia and Devon brought lots of yummy food, people liked the songs they picked for me, and there were lots of cool people there - like sparkle_journal, jackal_logic, their friend Amy, candiddani, kizmet100, moahb, supersniffles, Kim, Cheri, chargerboy (who was transported in by Paul), twitchet, Stacey, justnate, and even (Big Bad) John.

We also had a new guy, Alan, who did a fairly impressive job of two songs before disappearing.

Six rotations, and a good time all 'round. Not a sniff of Julz anywhere, and a mysteriously complete absence of her speakers. One heck of a giant Brinca poster instead, but my only complaint about it is that there's got to be some way to roll out the lower edges so it lays flat.

I got a call Monday morning to tell me that my optometry appointment that afternoon had been canceled, and rescheduled it for today. So I happily slept in - until I got a call from my parents telling me that it was OK for us to head up there.

I'd totally forgotten that timenchanter and I were supposed to go help them with their bed and new new microwave (as opposed to the old new microwave). So I got ready, and the two of us headed up to the Dome.

It turned out to be more work than expected. For earthquake safety, they have the microwave legs sit in holes in the shelf surface, and we had to drill a new set. Then carve a groove for a low-hanging extrusion. And of course I somehow measured something wrong in the process. So, after all the various fixes, we left their place around 6:40pm, and got to the bar as fast as possible, which turned out to be 7:15pm.

Wayne was there, and reasonably mellow, so no biggie. Of course, not too long after, Paula and Julz showed up for a meeting with George. I assume I know the subject, but then, I'm not at all sure why Dana was outside, and a couple of guys were measuring the length of the building. I'm not going to worry about it too much.

Both Timmie and I gave pleasant hellos to Julz as we saw her. Timmie apparently got a recognizable response. I got a grunt. There were still no speakers up.

Since there was a meeting, I killed the sound in the pool room, and lowered the background music as much as reasonable. I also delayed starting the show for a bit, and started with the side speakers pointing at the pool room largely off. Shoulda worked, and no-one complained.

Definitely a slower night than Sunday, with 12 total rotations (big surprise), but we had a very nice group of people, including kshandra, megnc86, another night of Kim, Kathy&David J, a song by Carol, Bobby/Robert (I largely know him from Con, and even that slightly. He sang three songs, and had Kirsten sing a couple of silly songs), a farewell song by Paul, and a new group (Stacy, Kimberley, and David R) that seemed to have a pretty fantastic time. And, of course, Cindi.

Mellow, and nice. Even if Timmie almost lost his voice at the end.

Paula and Julz stayed until around, I think, 11:00pm, playing with a game machine. Julz apparently talked shit about Timmie with Kim, which I'd get all high and mighty about if I, um, didn't write these posts.

Which brings me to something I should perhaps clarify: It's pretty certain that Julz and Dana will never be friends with either me or Timmie. And I have to admit that Julz really, really, really annoys me. I'll quit before deferring to her as a manager.

But that's me. I have not meant in any way to give the impression that I want people to rally around me to defend against the Julz incursion. I have suggested ways of countering the "straightening" of the place, but that's just that particular aspect (which is mostly driven by Paula). And I feel at this point that she's going to eventually boil over into an ultimatum, but that's because I think it's a natural progression for her.

I would never want to recommend that people not go to their show. Not liking them is not a condition for me liking, or doing business, with you. I personally think they're a second-string act, as far as karaoke is concerned, but that already puts them head and shoulders above most of the competition. If the occasion arises, I may even turn more business their way (assuming Julz doesn't hang up on me before I can say anything).

In fact, I'm very open to anyone's opinion of ways their show might be superior to mine. I at least try to keep an open enough mind that I can hopefully learn and improve.

Anyway. The real excitement of the evening was a trannie that showed up. Well, Kim was there, but Kim's a lady. This one shows up every now and then, and makes Trankenstein look civilized. Not to mention wearing enough Eau de French Whore that I honestly get close to puking. It seems it's time for a naming contest.

"Mars Attacks" is what comes to mind every time I see her...

But she was a short-lived phenomenon.

The total take for the weekend was down by 3% from target. Not something I'm going to worry about.

Shutdown was uneventful, and was followed by Timmie and I joining Kiri and Cindi chez April, then home, and more of that sleep thing.

Today's been somewhat productive. Dev is still wrestling with the Girl With No Name, so no show tonight (3rd week in a row), but I've managed to put some money in the bank account, get my vision measured, shop for a few essentials, and end up here, where I've paid most of my bills.

And just finished my second pot of sweet ginger tea.

Now I think I'll put the laptop away, and go off in search of a chocolate chip cookie. Or two.

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Now I'm feeling kinda guilty for letting the cat out of the bag.

Not only is she a lady, but a very attractive one, at that. Not to mention incredibly cool. I'm glad to know her.

toymaker's comment to me last night was "Whoever taught her to move like a girl was DAMN good."

(And Bruce, I don't think you need to worry about blowing her cover; she was showing around pics on her phone of what she looks like in boy mode...and Timmie said he'd be ALL over him if he ever showed up out of face.)

I'm not that worried. Kim's never made a particular secret of it, which is one of the things I like about her.

But she does enjoy engendering occasional confusion. So to speak.



Wait, so what was this meeting? Are they painting? That would actually be welcome.

It's not that I don't like Dana and Julz, but I don't like how they handle things and I don't like people messing with my friends, or handling themselves without tact. Their show is okay, a little to mellow for what I think of as Karaoke, and their selection is rather limited. And even before the new furnishings, it felt like Karaoke with the Golden Girls.

I can't stand the de-gayifying of KoC. If she just accepted it being a gay bar I think it would actually help things, being that KoC is the only "gay bar" between Santa Clara and SF. And besides, who has been patronizing her business all these years? Maybe not all of the patrons are gay, but plenty are, and I just find it a bit rude to be like, I don't want to acknowledge this is your place.

Some days I wish I could buy the bar and find some good people to help me run it right...but then I come to my senses. Sigh!

I don't precisely know the subject of the meeting - painting's a definite possibility, though at this point I'd be a little worried about the choice of paints...

Apart from showtunes, Julz actually has a fairly large selection. In fact, a suspiciously large selection. She just doesn't have an organized catalog. She got herself a pirated SCDG of Sound Choice songs, and there's only one copy of the catalog, so you have to ask Dana if they have the song...

I'm not sure what's been going through Paula's head, honestly. I can sorta sympathize with the "not wanting to drive away straights" mentality - except those that wouldn't come otherwise, would be likely to run away screaming in half an hour, anyway.

I understand wanting to get more military from across the bridge, but we're honestly getting a number of those as it is.

But mostly, by being wishy-washy, she's shooting herself in the foot.

We almost had the bar sold a few years back, but Paula was just not willing to list her income and expenses.

Honestly I have stopped going to Julz And Dana's shows because Julz has alienated people I care about. I do miss Stephanie though.