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November 2018
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Bruce [userpic]
Returning to Balance

Yesterday was fun, but out of whack. I didn't get an afternoon nap, I didn't eat properly, I had a headache all evening, and spent a lot of time, um, in the bathroom.

So yeah. timenchanter and I got to intrusting's party by about 4:20pm. Since we were only 20 minutes late, we were two of the first people to show. I ended up helping Roger play music on the living room stereo.

I've said it before, but it's such a hard life.

It turned into quite a fun party, with quite a lot of people, a large number of whom I didn't know. But others, like dionuse, spawrhawk, Cassie, Joe, Brad, and cybrenn, that I did.

I'd meant to get us heading home by 11:30pm. By midnight, I was kind of pressing Timmie. By 12:30am, he'd finally finished his last drink, and we headed home. I was a little tired for safe driving, but at least I was sober.

And we made it home with only one incident, and nothing got damaged.

Then a whole lotta sleep. Sleep that didn't give me headaches, this time. The main problem was having to wake up around 9:30am, especially since it was effectively 8:30am.

synkitty, 1ferritgurl, and Richard would pick their handfasting day to be the DST changeover.

But I got up, got dressed, and got over to Kiely park by 11:30am, which turned out to be before supersniffles and Damon. I figured out how I wanted to deal with their boombox, tried to be helpful, and even ended up running around and digging up a stone for the ceremony.

The ceremony itself went very well, despite Cindi's nerves, and was rather moving. It was also, despite all probability, a gorgeous day in the park. And I got to hang out with some cool people, like justnate. There were, in the end, 18 of us. I hung around the reception for an hour or two. When it wound down I headed home, where I settled into a long nap in my chair.

Which I should continue at this point.

I'm waiting for tonight's salvo from the D&J comedy team, but I figure at the worst that I'll have to head home and get my speakers, because Julz decided to use Paula's as piñatas. I may also completely break down and pack up at the end of the night, in case they decide to "teach me a lesson" by destructively taking my stuff down on Monday afternoon. Not that they can actually move the main rack, but they might hurt themselves and, more importantly, it, in the process of trying...

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I'm confused...

I hung around, the reception for an hour or two, then headed home as it wound down, then came back home, where I settled into a long nap in my chair.

Can you rephrase this sentence for me?

Re: I'm confused...

Can you tell I was still tired? Especially since I always proofread before posting.

I'm actually kind of fond of that sentence. I also suspect that you're not confused in the least, but that instead your finely-tuned grammatical sensibilities have been offended.

Which is why I've rephrased it, despite my affection for its near perfectly Argonite construction.

Re: I'm confused...

Ah, but by quoting the entire sentence, I ensured that it would remain forever intact in the comment thread.

Honestly, I was just curious where you had gone after heading home and before getting back home.

Re: I'm confused...

Sadly, all I did was weave up the 880 like a drunkard on the way home from the bar on St. Patty's.