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Bruce [userpic]
Relatively Calm

Friday was nowhere near as exciting as Thursday.

I woke up some time a little after noon, after far too little sleep, gave up on more sleep after an hour or so, and, what with responding to comments on my last two posts, got out of the shower and ready to go by something like 4:00pm.

Then timenchanter and I headed up to the Dome, where my parents actually had things to be done. They'd just gotten a new microwave, which turned out to be dented inside the box, so Timmie got to unbox and rebox it while I took down the old one - and put it back up.

They'd also gotten their new Tempurpedic mattress delivered, so I got that upstairs. That was exercise ("It's only 51lbs!" "That's 51kg."). Then Timmie and I had fun removing it from the inner box, the fiberglass bag inside the inner box, and the plastic bag inside the fiberglass one. The present plan is to go back on Monday afternoon, after it's fully expanded to its normal size, and exchange it for the old one.

A very nice dinner (another variant on boeuf Bourgignonne), after-dinner chatting, and home.

At which time I went to bed - before midnight. Odd, it was. I've had a full night's sleep, if not the most restful - I woke up at 5:00am with a headache, for one thing, before getting back to bed. And the bar drama thing is definitely eating at me. But mostly, right now I need to do something about raising my blood sugar.

There's TJ's Massaman chicken heating in the microwave. Should do the trick.

I succumbed once again to malice when I reposted the bar Craigslist ad. At least I followed the letter of what had been agreed with Dana. But, sadly, just the letter.

I really really should be trying to defuse this feud. In the long run, all it's going to do is get me a set of enemies.

Well, not that they're ever going to be friends, and not that they've acted all that much like friends in the last few months anyway. We've barely tolerated each other, and they've been spreading rumors that Timmie's stealing from the bar.

Most of it is personality conflict, I know. I like Dana, despite her rather odd ideas about sound quality. I can give wide latitude for personal preference in sound, and I'll readily admit I'm not that great of a sound engineer. But I know some things, and have even managed to teach her a couple (not that I've ever been helpful).

Besides, she's actually improved. The last few times I've been at their show - likely, it seems, the last times ever - I noticed she wasn't overdriving the bass as much. Baby steps.

But unfortunately, Dana follows Julz around as her personal bond slave, and Julz will never change, because Julz is convinced of her own perfection.

Sigh. I should just stop. There's just something about being looked down upon by the clueless that tends to get me. It's a certain thing that they figure that any popularity I have is a result of some lucky break or other.

Maybe I could channel this in a more positive direction. I should get back to studying sound reinforcement...

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Mood: groggygroggy

Well, crap. I was driving past your place half an hour before you posted this. If I'd known you were awake, I'd've kidnapped you for lunch or something.

It happens. And I'm still on the morning/filthy side of things. Need to get in the shower shortly, anyway, since we're supposed to be at Roger's party at 4:00pm...

Well, look at it this way. Those hissing harpies are jealous because you are loved. So feel great about that, hold your head up high, and let them stew in their bitter brew.

Besides...you get to see me tomorrow and they don't. Do you know how many people would kill to be graced by my presence?

Well, I'm not firing the next shot, so at this point, any escalation will be happening from their side. I just have my own insecurities, ya know?

Especially since I get to sit back and wait for whatever that'll be.

And I'll look forward to basking in your glory tomorrow, dear. :-)

I like Dana too. She's a genuinely nice person without Julz. However I find spreading rumors about Tim Eh stealing from the bar an unforgivable sin.

Well, in their defense, such as it is, I think they believe it.

And it somewhat starts with Paula. She's done some handwaving accounting, and has decided that 38% of alcohol consumption is unaccounted-for.

Which she can't tell, BTW, because the way sales are handled, individual drinks are not tallied, and number of shots per drink aren't, either.

But she has a figure, no matter how ludicrous it is, and is casting about for a culprit. I don't know who initially pointed in the Timmie direction, but Julz and Dana seem to be happily following suit.

I want to meet your parents. Namaste.

Something tells me you may have glanced at my dad's website...

And I'll have to see how to arrange that someday, preferably soon. Are you ever free on Friday or Saturday afternoons?

Most Saturdays, although not this upcoming one. I have to go to an infant's funeral.


Well, I believe I'm busy this Saturday, anyway. Possibly the following.