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June 2018
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Bruce [userpic]
Win Some, Lose Some

Well, on the bright side, it was a great show - even if I was making mistakes left and right, and even if the damned wired mic connection decided to go flaky again. I just re-scrubbed the contacts, which should last for another month or two.

I even accidentally deleted a song while someone was singing it - that only happens about every month and a half or so. And I had to do it to Elana and Denise's friend Dave, on his first song ever at the club.

He seemed a good sport about it. At least, he hung around and sang two more.

And I'm going to blame the number of errors on being distracted by the Julz thing. Because I can, and because I'm really not fond of conflict.

I started around 8:40pm, and went for 5 rotations, stopping at about 2:02am. Which doesn't really give the tenor of the night, since the first and last rotations were half an hour each...

Definitely too many people to mention all of them individually. But we had spawrhawk and Dominic, trivialt, the Alex group, dionuse, markobellydance, cybrenn, and many, many more.

Like Ray and Dee-Dee, who have been in before - in the long distant past. Ray is unfortunately the sort of guy that starts out fun and energetic, and ends the night embarrassingly drunk, screaming at his companion for being a whore. That was special.

Then, on a more positive - and amusing - note, there was Lolita. Lolita, when she was married to Glenn, was one of my parents' neighbors. In fact, I think she still lives up there. Alex, it turns out, used to be a roommate of hers.

Definitely a small world.

Of course, then there's the juicy part. About halfway through the night, Julz and Dana showed up, followed not too much later by Paula. I of course had broken their speakers down, as I've been doing every Thursday for something like 2 months now. The difference being that this time, I carefully stored them in the closet, rather than leaving them in a corner of the dance floor.

I have to give Julz credit, she didn't bring it up until the last customer (June) was out the door. supersniffles left with slightly more alacrity than she would have otherwise when I pointed out that the storm front was coming in.

I'm actually reasonably proud of myself. First of all, I didn't scream once, and Julz lost her cool multiple times. I made the offer multiple times to set up and tear down her speakers - that, of course, wasn't acceptable, because I shouldn't go near her stuff. And, more importantly, she'd lose face.

Second of all, I didn't back down, either. Julz attempted the whole "xxx, do you understand?" gambit, and seemed a little nonplussed to get back a "No. Do you understand?" Apparently, she's really not too used to people that don't fold immediately.

She also tried twice to use a "Why did you do that when Paula told you not to?" She didn't deal too well with a response of "Because she didn't. We discussed my setting them up on Mondays, and taking them down on Thursdays."

Given my life-long habit of reducing to incoherent gibbering anger when this sort of situation occurs, I think I deserve some level of back-patting. If only to verify that I actually have something resembling a spine.

Granted, there is quite a bit of validity in the fact that xxx was mostly "don't touch my equipment." There's a certain boundary there that it is widely considered wrong to cross. My problem is that another boundary is "clean up after yourself." And even giving wide allowances for Dana's bad back and Julz's, ummm, feminine delicacy, Julz has consistently acted like my shows are some sort of minor afterthought.

I reached a breaking point sometime about, it seems, two months ago, when they were still doing a different show elsewhere. They would leave everything piled in a corner of the dance floor, and the speakers set up, then would show up around 10:00pm or so during the Thursday show to haul everything out the side door. The pile looked tacky, the speakers looked tacky, and the process itself was also pretty tacky.

Dana (it would be Dana - the one with a concept of cooperation) asked if it was "OK". I probably should have said no, but I can understand having time constraints like day jobs. So I asked if they could at least pile their stuff together, and get something like a tarp to go over it - anything to make it look slightly less like a pile of junk. This conversation has apparently been interpreted to mean that I "didn't mind" that the speakers were set up.

In any case, instead of neat piles, I got increasing spread. Things came to a head one night when their stuff was across the floor and spread out on one of the couches. I gathered it all together, and added the damn speakers to the pile. No-one complained, and I just kept doing it.

Back at the altercation, Julz did have a final ace. On one of my trips out to load the car (I wasn't going to stop that process simply because someone felt like yelling at me), Paula came out, and asked if I could not touch them just to keep the peace.

I will never take orders from Julz. I might cooperate with reasonable requests, but I'll not take an order. I do, however, work for Paula.

We had a reasonably long conversation, where I brought up several of the Julz issues, including the repercussions I'm trying to contain from the "not a gay bar" bits, and the claim that she's running the place ("Well, she does - she's my right arm on Fridays and Saturdays." "That's not what people have been hearing her say.").

So I'll not be touching her damned speakers from now on. I'm probably going to ask (Paula, of course), if we could at least have something to cover them, so they don't look like they're in use.

Honestly, I just need to build up the patience to wait for Julz to completely screw herself over. Hopefully before she does too bad a job on the bar. Her type progressively asserts ownership over what they deal with until they finally overstep. Not to mention that, as timenchanter pointed out later at supper, she's now going to build up to an us vs. them ultimatum. And history has shown that Paula doesn't handle ultimata very positively.

Actually, she ignores them. Which is fine if you're willing to back down.

Other little tidbits: The one thing I didn't have an answer for was a rather inane comment by Dana. She asked if it would be OK with me if they took down the crappy-sounding house speakers. The "crappy-sounding" was nonplussing enough to keep me from mentioning that she'd have to ask Paula that, not me.

The sound quality thing has been a long-term issue, and one that I seriously shouldn't wish I should fix, because it isn't worth the trouble. They think their sound system is absolutely wonderful. I think it's adequate.

Dana periodically blurts out how people tell them their sound is great. I've never bothered to point out that there's always someone who'll tell you your sound is great.

And, honestly, it's a very subjective thing. Different customers like different styles. I get a lot of compliments, and I've also gotten one hell of a lot of complaints about theirs. It's definitely possible that they've gotten complaints about mine, too. But I gotta say that I've never heard anything particularly wonderful out of those Peaveys of theirs. The highs are muddy, and it's very easy to overdrive the bass.

Separately, the time I was talking with Paula was apparently spent in a fairly nasty little back-and-forth between them and Timmie, with - among other things - the result that Dana isn't speaking to him. He dared to accuse Julz of smoking weed...

I think this was after they accused him of stealing from the bar, but I could be wrong about that.

Fun fun fun.

Anyway, I started this semi-coherent tome around 4:00am, and have been doing bits of it since then, alternated with equipment maintenance and naps. It's time I gave up and went to bed.

Have a good morning, all.

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Thinking about it, that's the only one-word response I remember you ever making.

I'm feeling kind of proud right now.

Ya know...if there equipment is left out, it's amazing that none of those wretched drunk homos haven't spilled drinks, or lube, all over it. You know what pigs we morlocks can be.

They should have been grateful that you took the time to protect their equipment. Paula told us over and over to put stuff up because if it's left out, it just might go missing.

As for the drama...god that sounds awfully familiar. Haven't I lkved through all this before??


Fun to think about, but, sadly, not to do.

If things start to escalate to the "sabotage the equipment" level, I'm just going to have to find another venue.

Just in case, I don't leave much there anymore. And I'm working on reducing that.

As far as leaving the speakers out is concerned, they sort of have special dispensation from Paula, largely because they donate so much time, but also because Dana has a very bad back, and Julz is, apparently, too delicate to do anything about the speakers on her own. She's a frail little lady, dontcha know?

So they press-gang various boys into doing the job for them, and can only get them at particular times.

There's even some logic to the "set the speakers up on Sunday" bit. The bar doesn't open until 8:30pm on Monday, because that's when Julz can get there from work. Since it's obviously some kind of huge task to set them up (I think their speakers weigh all of 30 pounds), it's something they want to do in advance.

Especially since they look so pretty. I swear Julz thinks they add a touch of class to the place.

Sabatoging equipment? Oh Brucie. My my my my my. You must have me confused with someone much more diabolical and scheming than I could ever be.

See, I was just making a point as to how wonderful you are. You protected her stuff from the horrible, evil homosexuals that sometimes frequent the bar.

I mean, homosexuals are the dregs of society. We are dirty, foul little creatures that don't have respect for other people's property. We are alcoholic lushes that carelessly put our drinks anywhere.

Can you imagine what would happen if we were dancing around, like the depraved degenrent fools we are, and knocked that sticky cocktail all over the angelic hetero's property?

You, kind sir, were saving her from dealing with that disaster. She should be thanking you and praising your name.

Infrateful women. Such a shame.

What's that great phrase that seems so well-suited for Julz? Hmmm...

Oh yes, psycho crazy hose-beast.

As long as it's not "Crazy Bitch"... :-p

Well a small upside is they waited until the bar had closed. Geo and I expected it to happen in full view and were kind of bummed that we'd be missing the spectacle. ;)

Not sure why LJ decided not to have me logged in when I had just posted a comment 2 minutes earlier. Bruce, you can delete that previous anonymous post if you want.

LJ, for unknown reasons, occasionally just logs one out. I find having the toolbar turned on helps me to keep track of whether or not this just happened...

You might have been able to witness the fireworks if you'd be there after 2:00am, but more likely the explosion would have simply been delayed for another day.

Paula rather frowns on open warfare in front of the customers.

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It all sounds like it's gonna get worse before it gets better. If Julz trys to pressure Paula into a you or them decision she better choose you. Your shows bring in more revenue than theirs do and you've been there longer. Without you the bar will definitely go under.

Well, we'll see how much pressure Julz will try to bring. In general, as long as she's not directly sabotaging my stuff, I'm fine.

I may be forced to some variant of "It's not possible for me to work like this," if they pull some particularly inane stunt. But I won't ever do a "me or them" ultimatum.

Julz is far more likely to. And while it won't precisely blow up in her face, Paula will not get rid of someone that makes her money, and is willing (if sometimes begrudgingly) to cooperate. Hell, in this last blow-up I had a solution that Paula thought would have been a good one, if Julz wasn't being so emotional.

I'd be curious to know what that solution was. However I do believe you deserve a pat on the back for putting up with all this. If it were me I would have run for the hills a long time ago.

if you'd like bruce, i'm more than willing to actually belt a high note into their mic and attempt to blow their speakers.. *grins*

You have my full permission to try, dear, but I don't think their amp is powerful enough to blow their speakers.

Of course, if you simply blow their ears, a large part of the problem would be solved...

Consider it done. lol you hear how loud i belt without the mic ;)