Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Fun and Anxiety

I got some sleep yesterday - though not exactly a full eight hours' worth - and then actually got a few things done in the afternoon.

The car, she has been re-oiled, the damned City has been paid their sack of gold, and some cash has been put in the bank to shore the account up.

And I've at least tried to contact Starving Musician about selling some equipment. Not that I've heard back from them yet. Unfortunately, one is supposed to either call or send email, and I don't like calling. I suspect their buyer doesn't like email.

Ah well. I got myself to Julie's at a reasonable time, and was actually set up pretty much on the dot at 8:30pm. Of course, my first singers, kshandra and jannypanlj, didn't make it there until around 9:00pm, and we didn't start singing until something like 9:15pm.

It started to look like a relatively bleak night - they were also customers 3 and 4 for the day, as far as I could tell - and we did something like 8 rotations that were just the three of us.

Not that that wasn't fun.

But people started to trickle in. Carly was there for a while, and sang one song, but left after failing to get Kevin to come in. George's sister Sherrie showed up, and wanted to sing, but was apparently too intimidated, which is just too bad. She said she wasn't drunk enough. I told her to drink more.

By around 11:00pm - 11:30pm, though, we had a nice crowd, and they started to put in songs. Anthony, Justin, Jesse (who was last there with Hollie, I think for his birthday. Sadly, no Hollie this time), and, after much too long an absence, Matt. Matt is just too much fun to describe, and kept things nice and lively.

We also had Maria, who apparently worked Nick's system for a while, and her pleasantly flaming friend Tim. It was warming on a cold night, and made the place feel like home...

Duce, part of the Zuki/Mac group, showed up after quite a while as well. The absence being quite reasonable - he just had a son. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find the songs he wants to sing. But he eventually found two, though by the time the second one came around he was in the back room, too blasted to even talk coherently.

By midnight, we had a roaring party going. Just much, much fun. Kym even tried singing again - this time with Anthony as backup.

I finished off rotation 13 at about 1:50am, and then shut down slowly while playing videos for the boys.

The night's bar income was quite decent, especially considering it all happened in a few hours at the end. Tips were nice - certainly nicer than standard at KoC - but not to the level I'm used to for a night like that there. In fact, they would have been much lower if Kirsten hadn't passed the jar around. So a little disappointed there - at least until I think back to last week.

After I had everything ready to go, Cher moved her car, so I could park directly in front of the bar, which helped a lot since it was pouring. I haven't had that much water come down on my head since they mandated low-flow showerheads. But I got everything put away, after which Kiri and I swam south to the Cardinal.

The whole roving cloudburst thing is having a weird effect on my mind. When we got off of 85 at Camden, I was actually slightly pissed that the roadway was dry. Don't ask me why.

A pleasant meal at the Cardinal (though parts of my Monte Cristo were extremely cold, which was odd. Apparently they at least partially pre-make them then freeze them), and then we headed our separate ways. I was asleep not too long after getting home.

And then woke up again around noon today, which is just not right. But I haven't been able to get back to sleep, so I might as well join the world.

I'm kind of waiting for whatever histrionics I feel Julz is likely to pull tonight. Apparently she's still sounding like a lunatic, at least according to lucydogstringer's post, and I'm trying to anticipate what's likely to go down tonight. I'm sure her speakers will be up - I've been taking them down on Thursdays for months now - but I'm wondering if she will have, oh, I dunno, left her shit out all over the DJ booth, re-rearranged the closet, or some such idiocy. It would be childish, but it kinda feels like she's reaching that level.

And I'm just sure she'll be coming in to set me straight. More fool her - I already am.

And if she tries to set the bar straight, we're likely going to have to get her removed - preferably through Paula. Paula really doesn't like getting the police involved, and despite the fact that it would be gratifying, tossing her out ourselves would be assault.

I know I'm likely being too imaginative, but well... I'm not totally positive I am. Granted, her coming in is likely. She wasn't able to assert dominance on Tuesday, and that will have to be corrected at some point. Come to think of it, she'll probably try to drag Paula in as backup...

This actually could be kind of fun. If I manage to remain calm, reasonable, firm, and non-confrontational, I might just get to see Julz self-destruct.

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