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November 2018
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Bruce [userpic]
Blood Pressure

Monday's show was a whole lotta fun.

9 rotations, and 17 individual singers, including chaoswolf, synkitty, 1ferritgurl, megnc86 (who's now sketched several of us), Stacey, trivialt (for a bit), qzar_mystik (for a bit as well), Kathy & David J, h2ocrazyguy, justnate, and supersniffles.

We even did quite nicely in income, though that was in large part due to a lesbian couple sitting at the bar.

Not that we're a gay bar, or anything.

I did have a few sound issues. First of all, for no apparent reason, the cable to the main stage amp was disconnected. I'm at a complete loss, there. It's a dual cable, so "falling out" would require both connections to fail at the same time. Wayne had been in earlier in the day, and was wondering why the main stage hadn't worked - it's more than a little unlikely he would have been disconnecting things.

The world may never know.

Otherwise, well, I hadn't had all four stage speakers working in quite a while. It was too loud, and I had a hard time getting the sound down to a reasonable level until around 10:00pm. The problem, as far as I can tell, is that the level settings I use are almost reflexive at this point. Adjusting to a different point on the slider takes an effort of will.

After the show, I had supper with Synthia and Devon, where we discussed their ceremony this Sunday, and their reception at the bar. That should be a busy night, what with writenwrong coming in as well.

Then home, where I wrestled with my printer. I ran out of toner, so I played with toner refills, in the process coloring only about half my room black. The results were not spectacular, but were readable. Then I printed all the various colored sections.

That took me until almost 7:00am.

I cleared enough bed that I could sleep, and did so quite nicely until just before noon, when I woke up, and more annoyingly stayed up. Most of the afternoon was spent blankly perusing the web, as usual, but I also bound 5 of the 6 books, and then got myself clean and dressed by a little after 5:00pm, in order to go out and get the clear covers necessary to finish the 6th book.

There were actually three things that I wanted to do: Deposit some cash, get my oil changed, and buy the covers. Unfortunately, it was after 5:00pm. The bank and my mechanic were closed. So, it turned out, was Xpedx, which just changed its hours.

So I stuck with the cover idea, and tried Staples. Bad prices. Then OfficeDepot. Nothing that I wanted.

A quick break at Sweet Tomatoes for dinner, then I tried OfficeMax, which was juuuust right.

So at least something was accomplished.

Then I headed up to the bar. Julz had asked - reasonably nicely - if I could clear out space for her equipment in the closet, and it seemed better to grab my stuff when I had enough room in the car.

It also seemed that, given the rumors about Dana's back, that it might be a good idea to go and help set the speakers back up.

There'd been rumors of someone opening the bar earlier in the day, but obviously not this time - it was 7:30pm, and no-one was there - so I drove down to the East-West Bookstore to get my Om on.

Then back up to the bar to wait, where I ended up talking with Trevor (I think his name is Trevor - Julz's son, anyway, the one that was doing the Elektronika thing last night). He spent some very enthusiastic time introducing me to Dubstep, which like most music of its ilk left me feeling that it was... nice.

Then Julz got there, and all hell broke loose.

Because her speakers weren't set up, which was a disaster of epic proportions.

Now, granted, most people don't like other people touching their equipment. I understand that. Of course, most people don't set up their crap two frikkin' days early without even asking those that have to deal with it.

I know I'm kinda over-sensitized, but I think her speakers look kinda, well, tacky. Not that they're bad, or in bad repair, but the implication (in my mind) is that we're a club with a dance floor and no sound system.

Not to mention that, to experienced singers, it starts getting tricky trying to figure out which speakers to avoid in order to reduce feedback.

There were other issues as well - I'm sure the fact that we'd used the proscribed square table (I'm half expecting to find the smashed pieces of the poor thing outside), and moved one of the circular ones, was just icing, though there seemed to be something about having rearranged all the tables. Which if true, was done by those damned customers. Curse them.

I found it more than a little amusing that Trevor and I had everything set back up before she finished dialing Paula. I was also able to help Trevor connect his system, discuss setup options, and move out most of my discs from the closet before she finished screaming at her, and turned her attention to me.

I have to admit that I rose to the bait at one point, and screamed something on the order of "Then don't leave your crap set up during my shows" back at her. It wasn't too long after that that I was let go with a "We'll talk about this later."

But in the meantime, I learned:

  • She doesn't mess with my equipment. Which is good to know. Apart from the fact that the only piece of equipment I leave there she has a long-term habit of rolling out of her way - and leaving in odd corners. Everything else I either put away or take home.

  • She'll set up her equipment whenever she damn well pleases. Which is fine, and I'm not gonna stop her. Of course, I still reserve the right to take it back down if it's in my way.
There was probably more stuff in there. I wasn't really paying much attention.

We didn't talk after that. I helped Trevor some more, finished moving stuff out of the closet and shifting the slip box to the first shelf, asked Dana if they needed more space than that (She said no, I'm half expecting Julz to insist that more space is essential), and had a talk with Dana about the Craigslist ad.

She had things to say that she didn't mention the other day - like my not saying anything good about their sound. Because they get compliments. I'll... have to see what I can say and still be honest.

Also their awards from the contest, which, granted, are something to mention.

Somewhere in there I walked outside to one of the quiet corners in front of the bar, and had a long - and much calmer - talk with Paula. I suggested that, given Dana's back, I'd be happy to set their speakers up at the end of my show on Monday, and take them down at the beginning of the Thursday show (It takes about 3 minutes). We decided it would be better to wait for a bit before bringing it up.

I came back in, made sure everything was fine for Trevor, then left just as they started turning on Jose's lights, because I wasn't going to be around if he walked in. Too bad, because the Julz silent treatment was actually kind of enjoyable.

But this meant I could drop by the Tower, and enjoy the company of timenchanter, sparkle_journal, jackal_logic, Max, and Alex. They were playing crack again, but not so intently that they couldn't hold a decent conversation as well.

And then home, where I tried to find a corner for the discs (there's a reason I hadn't taken them home earlier), started this tome, and got fed spaghetti by Timmie.

Right now I'm gonna finish binding that last book, figure out which ones to replace, and then, hopefully, go to sleep.

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Good luck on that sleep thing.

Thanks. At least I finally am at the point where I can move enough stuff off the bed to fit myself in there...

Maybe it's just me but if Julz wants to attract more straight people to the bar she might want to minimize the drama she creates all in her own. I expect drama at a gay bar cause it's one og the things we are so good at. Straight bars... not so much! LOL!

She actually said "I can't work under these conditions!" at one point.

Her son was chuckling in the background through the whole thing...

Sounds like somebody had a good ol' fashioned Hissy Fit. Or as we call it up in these parts, a bout of the Womb Madness.

It ain't their fault, you know. It's that damn-fool uterus makin' 'em crazy.


Hadn't thought of that. Though Paula seems to be of the opinion that "She's just working too hard."

Not just a return of writenwrong, but the return of writenwrong on wheels!!

Wheeeee! I look forward to it! Yeah something from Grease is good. I'll even to the girl part!

Shall we call you Lubed Lightning?

Hey! I may be easy, but I'm not that easy. anymore. well, not all the time.

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Squeek. squeek squeek squeek. Squeek.