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Bruce [userpic]
Two Birds...

I've cross-posted this in koc_luvrs, so my apologies for those that see it twice.

Wayne recently asked if I could motivate people to do something about KoC's ratings on Yelp and through Google maps. They're actually not too bad, but it would be nice to push them up.

And I've also had various people ask what they can do about venting about the recent furniture, the Paula/Julz "de-emphasize gay" campaign, and drink pricing.

So. For those who haven't, I'd really appreciate reviews of the bar in both locations, preferably positive. But also honest. And I'd like to mention a few talking points:

  • It's actually never been a gay bar, per se - we've always had nights that were primarily straight, for one thing - but if one were to feel like describing it as one, or a more accurate "gay-friendly", "gay&lesbian-friendly", or "LGBT-friendly", well, that would kind of counter attempts to excise the online gay description, wouldn't it? Not that I'd advocate it, mind you.

  • Feel free to say what you want about the new chairs and tables. Be descriptive. They're not likely going anywhere (they were effectively free to Paula), but it's a good place to vent. And I'd have something to show Julz other than my word of mouth.

  • If you haven't been in in a while, the men's room trough is now a fairly nice urinal, and the odor level isn't bad at all. So that's no longer a concern.

  • Same for the heat. We actually have a very effective heater running now, and it's quite comfortable in there.

  • The drink prices are actually reasonably in line for a gay bar (though some of the pricing is... odd). Mentioning direct complaints, or even that it's a little expensive for a straight bar, well... I'm not stopping ya.

  • And, of course, mentioning that I'm awesome is never out of place.

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I posted a review last year:


I guess I should go in sometime soon in order to update my review. :-)

fyi, i think i posted that photo there too. lol


Yes, I saw - and a very nice review it was.

Dropping by sometime - for the purposes of research, of course - sounds like a fine idea to me. :-D

Be like Lisa and come in on Sunday so you can get a very up to date perspective on the place.

And it would be great to say hi to you and Alex as well. :)

How about describing it as an "alternative lifestyle establishment that will support the LGBT community when it's financially beneficial to the bar" type of club?

What about the more accurate "LGBT-frequented club whose owner somehow thinks her gay customers are scaring away a gigantic straight customer base, desperate to buy drinks from her?"

Actually, I would think it's all those butch ass latina lesbians that are scareing the straights away. I mean, one peek in there on a Saturday night is enough to ruin any breeder's fantasy of what lesbian sex looks like. Not to mention those girls will kick a man's ass if he flirts with their woman.

She's been trying to back away from the whole lesbian thing for years.

Hell, I could increase traffic to that place if I could just start selling "Lesbians love KoC" shirts...

And given that, for example, two fifths of last night's income - which was larger than usual - was from one lesbian couple, I don't give a flying fuck how scary they are to straight men.

All that said, the Saturday night crowd is terrifying. You never know when they're going to snap and attack your shins...

Well, I guess that's one place where Paula and I can agree. I've been trying to back away from the whole lesbian thing for years too.

Love the shirts; however, I want one that says "Gay boys love KoC. and penis too".


I'd have the "Gay Boys Love KoC" on the front, and "...and Penis Too" on the back.

I just don't have any money to go up there, and no holidays at school till May! I like KOC

Dear, I'm not disparaging the reasonably large straight customer base we already have, including yourself.

It's just I get the impression that Paula thinks that, since gays are only 10% of the population, she could somehow gain a 9-fold increase in customers if she could only somehow convince them that they didn't need to worry about all those nasty gays.

Here's my review: http://www.yelp.com/list/4XzU6JEx_asrmhLiiYMnVA

As Jefferson said, I should update it. Although, I haven't been to visit in a bit so I should do that first. Oh right! I'll be there Sunday for Paul's visit. Okay, I'll update my review after that.

Yea! You have no idea how much reading that made me smile. I can't wait to see you guys!!!

I'm not saying that KoC is a gay bar, but trying to de-emphasize its gayness is insulting. Don't try to de-emphasize who comes to the bar, its rude. Especially when those people (at least in the past) were a primary customer base, providing you with lots of sales. It's like, we'll take your money, but we want to ignore part of who you are. I came out of the closet a long time ago, my bar shouldn't want me to go back in.

I have half a mind to write Paula a letter and explain my love for the bar and the people and that she needs to stop trying to put a sheet over us and drive the place into the ground.

One of my concerns always has been the safety of the customers. I remember back when I first started working there in 2006 when we had great busy nights, we would have the occasional traveler from the hotels pop in. I remember their face after being there for a few minutes and then seeing two guys kiss.

The fact of the matter is, a customer wants to know what kind of establishment they are entering. Do country music loving cowboys go to goth clubs? Not normally. And when it comes to alternative lifestyles, it's important to be upfront with your customers.

It's ok to welcome all kinds of people and remove the labels, but you owe it to your customers to ensure they have a good time. That means keeping a harmonious atmosphere, and that is only achieved if your clientel has an open enough mind to accept everyone's differences.

But you have to acknowledge those differences in the first place.

And speaking of acknowledgement, someone should remember that her busiest night is Saturday night, which is a majority gay crowd. The homos make sure she keeps her lights on, so some support and appreciation would be a good start in gaining more income.

ps...I really hope yoj can come in Sunday night, Noah. Would love to see you.

5 more days!!!!

This touches directly on what bugs me about this whole "don't tell them it's a gay bar" thing.

No matter what you decide to call it, it's a bar that many gays and lesbians frequent. Most people that would avoid a bar because of a problem with rainbow flags would also run screaming the first time they saw a couple making out in a booth.

Not to mention walking in the bathroom and seeing two guys going at it in the stall.

That's actually rare enough that I haven't really had to deal with it.


Its too bad that hot, slutty Ho-stess moved away, she was pretty good at boosting the Str8 population, especially the boys that like stuffing ones in her jugs :D
Granted she boosted the LGBT poplulation that also likes stuffing ones in her jugs, though I hear she misses the whole money in the jugs business, oh & the KoC gang, & that Bruce guy :D

She was pretty good at boosting pretty much all populations, since she was hot and fun.

And she is very much missed up here.

This was the review I posted a year ago.


To be brutally honest, -were- I to update it, I'd probably mention that the bathroom has changed for the better, and then probably drop it at least a star for having the rest of the shenanigans wear thin.

So, I think I'll be nice and leave it where it is. :)