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Cough Sneeze Hack

So I've pretty much spent the day in my room, busy being sick, sick, sick, sick, sick.

Mostly, I've just sat and surfed, though I went through the trouble of taking a shower and finding new clothes so I could walk across the street and buy more supplies at 7-11 without feeling like too much of a scuzz.

I wonder about me sometimes. But hey, at least the hot water helped to loosen my sinuses for a bit.

The two chairs I ordered came in, so I assembled the desk chair. I now have something I can sleep in, which is good, 'cause I can't sleep lying down right now.

Rather interestingly, I ran into "She" on the way back from the store, and cheerfully asked her if she was "ready to go", it being her last night here and all. She and Lajosh have actually been packing at high speed ever since. I'm frankly astounded.

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