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Bruce [userpic]
Floating On

I don't really remember what I did for most of the afternoon, yesterday. Obviously, at some point I cleaned up, and timenchanter and I had dinner at Panera - slightly late. I didn't get us to the bar until about 7;15pm.

Whatever, there were no customers, and Paula, Julz, and one of Julz's friends were there.

Julz has been using the closet, and just had someone (Scott - I think her son?) set up her speakers - and he'd apparently locked the padlock on the thing.

We haven't had the key for something like 5 years.

Her friend broke the latch while I was seeing if I still had my bolt-cutters (I dunno. Couldn't find them in my trunk, which means very little).

Julz asked me - politely, granted - if I could move some stuff out of the closet. Given I was planning to anyway, I agreed. I don't want to leave that bar, but if I'm gonna be forced out, or if they insist on running it into the ground, I need to get my stuff to safety, anyway.

Since all that is a little inflammatory (much like being a little bit pregnant), the reason they're using the closet is that Dana is having a terrible time with her back, and it helps to have their stuff stored at the bar - and that closet is the best place for it.

I did get into a bit of an altercation with Julz - I want my square table for the slip boxes, and she wants to get all the "old" stuff out of the bar, whether practical or not. I even mentioned painting it white, or putting a white tablecloth over it, but noooo.

While I was talking with her, Timmie set up the square table for me...

In the process, she claimed she'd never heard a negative comment on the new furniture. I pointed out that I had heard quite a bit, and hadn't heard a single positive comment. The response was that "some people just don't deal with change well."

I wish she'd still been there 20 minutes later, when blankreloaded walked into the bar, and started screaming (literally) about how hideous the furniture was...

I got Paula the list of passwords for the site, which I assume will be passed on to one of Julz's relatives. I'm not sure I'm going to be looking at the site for a while...

I expect a floral motif.

I'm also supposed to get them the password for the Google listing about the place, which I'm not sure I still have. Obviously, the "gay Cheers" description is something they want to avoid. Twits.

I also took down her damn speakers, which were in my way. And ugly, anyway. I honestly needed to move the table that was set in front of my booth. Apparently, no-one considers that setting chairs on top of a cable run is a potentially bad idea...

If I'm feeling generous at the end of tonight, I may put them back up.

Anyway. The night itself was reasonably awesome - and fairly profitable. We still need a decent night tonight to make target, but it only needs to be decent.

And I got to hang out with Casey, and megnc86, and snafflekid, and kizmet100, and supersniffles. And probably someone else important that I'm not remembering right now.

A new guy - Sean - spent a good part of the night. Very eclectic tastes. Me likey.

He's apparently friends with Scott, who's been coming in - and showed up with friends around 1:00am (for all I know, the same Scott...). I still got them in for a couple of songs. In fact, I ended up giving them a ride home - they had trouble raising a taxi.

One of the Hispanic groups from last week showed back up, and sang a couple of songs. One guy and two girls - towards the end of the night, the girls were making out. Not a gay bar, indeed.

The guy asked me to sing a Chicago song, so I massacred Saturday in the Park.

Afterwards, Cindi treated myself, Timmie, and Kendall to more pot roast at her place. Yummy.

Then home, and sleep.

Most of Monday was spent doing the sleep thing, though I've also printed out the guts to three new sets of books. And I got to the Kaiser pharmacy in time to get my prescription refilled, and I have an optometry appointment for next week.

Little things, but at least some sort of progress.

And now I'm through with dinner, and need to get to the bar - to find whatever new wondrous thing Julz has in store today...

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New furniture? Thank god I have no choice but to sit down, otherwise I would have fallen after reading that.

I can only imagine what it must look like. And what's this about flowers? Aren't there enough pansies in that bar? Oh wait. I forgot. It's not really a gay bar.

I can't wait til I get there Sunday. Please hang on just a little bit longer.

Re: WTH????

It feels like you've walked into a bad chain restaurant, 923948290348290348 chairs everywhere.. ugh

Well, hell. You let a lesbian work at the bar, and just like on a date, she starts moving her shit in. Mind you, I don't actually know if Julz is gay (though I assume Paula is), but she's working that stereotype.

I hate the furniture. It's not a fucking fern bar, people. And, in agreement with Kendall, I keep expecting to run into Sophia and Blanche in the ladies' room.

If only you had been around when Paula had the mullet, you would know she was gay.

And from the way you guys keep talking about the decor, I'm glad that I now come with my own chair. LOL

Well, Julz is supposedly straight. This actually is more Golden Girls-ish - she and Paula are about the same age, and I gather live at the same trailer park.

Julz just likes taking over everything she sees, honestly. She's an alpha bitch. And Paula loves anyone that offers to do large amounts of free work for her.

Otherwise, I have to be honest, and say that as far as I know, she had nothing to do with the chairs. That was Wayne, and he got them because they were almost free.

On the other hand, she's about the only person that seems to like them.

so what was this about possibly having my party somewhere? I wasn't thinking anything would go on on my actual birthday cause it's a tuesday. Who gets drunk on a tuesday? But hey, if you can pull it off I'm set!

To answer your basic question: People who turn 21 on a Tuesday get drunk on a Tuesday.

In any case, I've already talked to you about the South San Jo house parties I've been doing. I don't know how long they'll continue (I've done 2 so far, in four weeks. Not a great way to build a following), but if they're still going in late April, $10 a head gets you into the house, I'll be doing karaoke, and there's a firepit and jacuzzi (assuming it ever stops raining).

Dev throws a pretty good party. If you can get some friends together and bring some booze, it'd be a pretty good time. I'd of course bring something liquid to contribute.

rockin! that sounds like a blast. Be warned, it always rains on my birthday, so...heh. Maybe we can work something out.

In addition to being ugly they (the chairs) are just enough too tall to make sitting at the bar uncomfortable for me. Especially when I'm knitting.

I - at least temporarily - have one of the last black stools in the booth. I should be able to loan it to you when you're in here.

Personally, I blame this all on Timmie. He has his birthday, the bar has a profitable night. This obviously just won't do, so Paula and Julz conspire to fuck up the bar worse.

Par for the course, my friend, par for the course.

Um, the stools showed up before my birthday. The rest of it has been slowly going downhill for a long time. There is a bunch of stuff that we mostly keep behind the scenes in an ATTEMPT to let customers think that there's a modicum of sanity in the management of KoC. Sometimes the craziness is so rampant that we just can't contain it anymore. If it doesn't reign in soon, I have little hope for my favorite bar. That's sad, but ultimately not my problem. lol

What bothers me is if KOC closes where will I go to have a laid back night of kareoke with drinks and good people?

We'll manage something, dear.

In the meantime, I'm gonna try to keep things at least somewhat afloat.

so you open your own bar, and make it BETTER than theirs. haha