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Bruce [userpic]
Mail Call

Should I be worried that my opthamologist just made an appointment for me without talking to me first?

At least it's at the end of next month, as opposed to in the next few days. If it were an urgent appointment, I'd be wandering around looking at things, expecting it to be the last time I'd get to see them...

Also, it's nice to know that I can still be bitten by my tendency to hide from stuff I can't deal with: The $150 business tax bill I couldn't handle, and so didn't open, is now a $211 business tax bill...

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Mood: weirdweird

I hate when the doctor's office makes, or changes, an appointment without consulting me first. I will usually call and change it just to be a prick. Or at least tie their scheduler up for about 15 minutes, making them look for other openings before keeping the original one.

But then again, I like being evil that way.