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Bruce [userpic]
Triple Daze

I'd hoped to actually manage a post a day every day this month. Then this week happened...

Wednesday... I managed to get a little more sleep (a Very Good Thing), got the trial by declaration letter to the post office (which was delivered on precisely the last day I had to return it - perfection), and marched with all the other ants up to the City.

For a night that kinda sucked. On the good side, Cher is back. On the bad side, customers were almost nowhere to be found. For most of the evening, the singing alternated between myself and this guy named David.

David was having a pretty good time (and spent a fair amount of money). His date, not necessarily so much. She desperately wanted to get him into a private room with his clothes off. Well, at least his pants.

He was having a good time singing.

From one comment, she may be his boss.


Around 11:00pm or so, this one group of 20-somethings walked in, and did their best to make up for the relative lack of customers. However, after about an hour, and several rounds of shots, they staggered out into the night. Actually, one of the girls wasn't quite able to make it under her own power.

One of them sang - urban stuff, as opposed to David's oldies. Made for a nice contrast. I never learned her name, but she was fun. I suspect it would have taken quite a bit more alcohol for her to have any difficulties...

And then there was Jerry and Eve. Eve is still trying to get a Thursday show out of the place - and I found out that she runs the Friday show at the Acapulco on Lawrence. They showed up just as David and his frustrated partner were leaving, and sang until Cher asked if we could just close down at 1:00am.

In the end, with tips, I made enough to pay expenses plus a little.

But getting home early-ish was a good thing, because it meant I got a full 5 hours of sleep before getting up for Thursday's afternoon party. That was an interesting combination of fun and frustration.

It was an incredibly nice group of people, and a sad thing that the company is shutting down.

The party itself was on the deserted second floor of the building, which has no elevator. Fortunately, they delegated a large group of people to help carry stuff up, though I think I almost killed the guy that helped me with the rack.

Kaylynn, who was my contact, turned out to be stunningly gorgeous, and a good singer. I've done my best to convince her to come to KoC (she likes showtunes). One of the main other organizers was Carmela, who has an almost disturbing resemblance to Selma Blair. Including the sense of humor.

They were the ones that decided karaoke would be a good idea. I'm not sure the rest of the company agreed. Most of the 20 songs I got in the three hours of the party were people sticking it to other people. Granted, the other people were mostly good sports.

Fortunately, there were other activities as well, like raffles for cash and the office computers, and a fairly cute "3 questions" thing about various people in the company, where they'd been recorded saying three things about themselves, and one was supposed to figure out which one was false.

And I played some background music.

I was able to provide value for what I paid, so I shouldn't complain. It was several hundred people, I was able to provide the mics for announcements, hook the sound from their laptop into my system, and generally keep everything going as smoothly as possible.

And I made enough money to pay the rent - plus I scored two trays of unused tiramisu, which I set out at the bar. I think one was finished by the end of the night...

They would have helped me transport stuff back down to the car, but, well, I had to coil cables first, and by that time everyone had evaporated. Fortunately, getting the rack down the stairs wasn't as hard. They were carpeted, so I could just let it slide. The hard part was keeping it from sliding too fast.

Still, a nice aerobic workout.

I hadn't grabbed any food at the party, and what with traffic (it was about 5:30pm), there wasn't really enough time to get home before the show, so I dropped by Chevy's and had a leisurely dinner.

Not necessarily a good idea. I had to fight my way back to the bar through the food coma.

The Thursday evening show was sponsored by Rockstar™. It was also busy, full of fun people, and incredibly unprofitable for the bar. It was one of the Thursdays I was fortunate that I'm paid a fixed amount, because that fixed amount was about half of the take.

In fact, with 29 singers, the bar made just a little bit more than Julie's did on Wednesday.

People there... well, there was megnc86, who was a little less affectionate than usual. I suspect the guy she was sitting with might have been her fiancé. Stacey came in again, which might be part of the explanation for the all-night fen presence. We had some Albert after long absence, with another date, Alicia, who inspected the book all night, but only sang one song. Nikki showed up in full latex regalia, and did her best to sing through her mask.

And we had some Jorgie, and definitely some Trankenstein. qzar_mystik was apparently granted an upskirt moment that may have scarred him for life.

Shutdown was a little slow, because I was a little slow, but by 3:00am everything was packed up, and timenchanter and I both headed over to chez supersniffles for pot roast and Buffy. It had apparently been decided that I needed to experience Hush and Once More With Feeling. Which were, granted, a hell of a lot of fun.

And I was even conscious for them, what with my pacing habit.

Then home, and collapse until late Friday afternoon. Well, with a break for an odd set of text messages from Dana. She'd run into my regular Craigslist ad for KoC, and thought it was insulting. I'm still as a loss as to why.

Julz had actually thanked me for it earlier in the week.

To wit, after going on about what I had, and especially what could be checked out online, I included:

Tuesday and Wednesday are hosted by Julz of Get Up and Sing karaoke. She doesn't have the same online bells and whistles as Bruce, but she puts on one hell of a show!
Granted, it doesn't say much, but what am I supposed to say? "Come for the huge delay between songs"? "Come listen to a blasted Julz tell multiple five-minute anecdotes every time she gets the mic"? "Enjoy the adequate sound"?

I asked her to suggest something different (not from that set), and haven't gotten anything back. But I think I calmed her down.

Friday evening was spent trying to get the speakers on the right side of the bar to work. I started trying to find out if a signal was getting to the large right-side speaker, and discovered that it started working if I pulled the jack out a little bit. For a while. So I tried dowsing everything in contact cleaner, to no effect, and decided that maybe I should replace the jack (which is on a pigtail to a Speakon connector. Long story. OK, even longer story).

After a call, I met up with Wayne at Guitar Center, where we bought an adequate but cheap Peavey speaker, and a new pigtail. The Peavey worked, the pigtail didn't. Apparently the ¼" plug itself has become varnished in some way. After about half an hour of steel wool, it worked... better. I'm curious if it'll be functioning tomorrow night.

But anyway, there's at least one working speaker on that side now.

Of course, in the process, I got to talk to Paula, who was moaning about Thursday sales. I amused myself by telling her that we had a bunch of people, but straight people, and that straights don't drink. It's actually reasonably accurate in a broad brush sorta way, and I do what I have to to try to keep that bar afloat.

She's dug up someone else to fiddle with the website, so I'm again giving her a printout with passwords tomorrow. At least I won't be the one helping her shoot herself in the foot. And I really, really wonder about her comprehension sometimes. "I had no idea that Have you hugged your KoC today was obscene," indeed. I now doubt she ever had the slightest idea what kocbar.com was all about.

That took me until 9:30pm, which made me kinda late for the planned date with Veronica. She'd already had dinner, so we met up at the Duke of Edinburgh, where I had dinner, we both had drinks, and we talked until around 1:00am.

Then I came home, and slept.


Now, I need to make some progress on the publishing stuff for my dad, which I've put off for waaaay too long. Especially since I'm due up there today.

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straights don't drink?

Straights do, of course, drink. In this particular case, the more serious problem was that these were fen, and fen, in general have no money.

However, it's pretty well known that gays on average drink quite a bit more, and generally go for fancy mixed drinks, as opposed to, say, beer, which is quite a bit cheaper.

While they make up only 8-10% of the population, they probably make up about 33% of the hard-drinking population.

And I'm not sure we could do the work necessary to attract that other 67% to this particular bar. We're in the middle of nowhere, we're a dive bar (Paula would sputter at that, but without something like $50,000 in improvements, we'll continue to be a dive bar), and the straight population generally has more convenient, and more attractive places to go to.

What is this scuttlebutt I heard about Julz trying to change the bar from being a gay bar to a straight one? From what I heard even some of the trannies left on Tuesday night because of her son spinning and not being , well, enthusiastic I guess about it being a gay bar. I just heard that she was tired of hearing that KOC was in fact a gay bar, and that she was tired of the flag, and hated the flag. I don't know if any of this is true or not, but that's just what I have heard through the grapevine.

The flag was taken down a long time ago. I heard it was because Paula didn't want it to prevent guests from the hotel next door stopping by for a drink. As far as I know Julz doesn't want to change it to a straight bar. She just objected it to being called a gay bar and kept insisting it was an "everyone" bar. When one of the trannies pointed out that if you do an online search for gay clubs in the area KOC is one of the clubs listed. The way I understand it Julz then said something about changing that and getting KOC taken off the list. I've always referred to KOC as a gay friendly (emphasis on friendly) bar. We get all sorts and as long as everyone is respectful of everybody else it's all good.

There's a whole buncha stuff, though given the incarnations I've heard of the Julz story, which have gotten increasingly wild, I'd say Maggie probably has the best handle on what actually happened.

First of all, the bar has technically never been a gay one. The most definite I've ever heard was "alternative lifestyles bar." And while Julz may be cheering things on, Paula has been trying to make the place more "straight-friendly" for a couple of years (which is about how long the flag's been down).

She just can't seem to figure out that she'll never be able to attract homophobes, but she can, quite easily, drive off the clientèle she has.

Which appears to be what this story just might do, as it snowballs through the rumor mill...

So for my 21st Birthday you wanna throw me a really awesome party? LOL

Well, I'll likely still be doing house parties at Dev's place on your birthday proper - if we can get enough people involved, I should be able to convince Dev to make your birthday the major theme of the night...