Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Muy Odd

I find last night almost impossible to classify. The previously mentioned Terese, Stacy, and Kimberley stayed until about 12:30am, and were a huge amount of fun.

supersniffles showed up a little late after her horror-fest Valentine's date with trivialt, and was her usual adorably pink self.

Then there were the two large hispanic groups, which were nice, just... unusual. The first one didn't sing, though one of them requested that I do UB40's Red Red Wine, which I did... OK. He seemed happy.

The second group included Mariana and Esmeralda, who sang a goodly portion of my two pages of Spanish songs - with decreasing quality as the night wore on and the alcohol settled in.

Their group also cheered appreciatively for everyone who sang. A very positive feel for the evening.

Nick and Nelson came in, and sang a couple of songs. They even broke in the new discs - by singing Womanizer. As if you couldn't tell they were gay already.

Not the best rendition in the world, but at least the song sounds better when a real person does it, as opposed to a voice that's been autotuned to the point that it sounds like a Cylon.

Pretty soon Britney's going to have her songs done completely by software, start to finish, and send cardboard cutouts to do her concerts...

We also had a full evening of Cheri, who was looking quite nice with a strawberry blonde wig and light blue sailor top. She's getting more adventurous.

Not a crowded night, but a very profitable one.

In fact we only need a medium-slow night to make target for the weekend. One can hope for another busy one, of course.

And I'm thinking I should look into some more Spanish songs.

The night had 11 total rotations, even with the slow start. Then the usual quick shutdown, and off to visit April with Timmie, Cindi, Nick, and Nelson.

Always entertaining.

Cindi headed home, Timmie took off with Nick&Nelson for fun&games at the House of Sloth ('nuff said), and I came home and crashed hard.

I pretty much slept until 2:00pm - some odd dreams, but of course I don't remember them any more. The usual end of the world stuff, if I recall.

Shortly after, Timmie came in with my latest disc delivery. I've had enough time to incorporate one, but I'll try for the other two during the show tonight - it's time to get up and get ready.

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