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March 2019
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Bruce [userpic]

Busy day, yesterday - leading into today.

I had a nice lunch at Le Boulanger, then picked up kshandra, headed back up to SJSU, and this time, managed to see the dance recital.

As we walked in the door, I heard "Rogers!", and looked up to see blankreloaded's, um, smiling face. All right, more like "dismayed" face. He apparently had figured that I wouldn't be there.

So, of course, we sat next to him.

Nice show. Some good pieces, some not... quite as good.

But it's always a joy to see spawrhawk dance.

Then the three of us wandered over to Gordon Biersch for dinner, where Kiri and I managed to browbeat Casey into coming with us to timenchanter's birthday party.

A huge crowd there, and I'm not gonna list it. It was that huge - and one hell of a lot of fun.

Of course, I spent a lot of it snuggled between Kiri and Veronica...

I took Kirsten back home around, I think, 2:00am (Casey went home with entropyca and deekers).

Then I got home, and to work. Friday and Saturday are the only days I have free to work on the equipment (though there is no party this Tuesday, so I'm free then).

That was a pain in the ass. I have items mounted in both the front and back of the case, and they fit together somewhat like a puzzle. A puzzle with a mass of cables in the middle of it.

A mass of cables that has to be gently shoved out of the way by feel. Yeah.

In the end, the last piece got pretty much hammered the last inch of the way in. So far, everything still seems to work, so hopefully...

Anyway, I have a new rear-mounted power strip, which specifically has no ground or spike protection, in the hopes of reducing ground loops. I've also put in a new video amplifier.

So far, the output seems cleaner, both at home, and here at KoC. Far from perfect, but better.

I also now have a couple of flexible LED lights mounted to the mixer board, so I can actually read the board in the dark.

That took until around 10:00am. Then I had a couple of discs to incorporate, which took until noon.

And then blessed sleep until about 5:00pm, dinner at Panera, and here to the bar.

It's been a slow night so far, though things have picked up a bit since the Academy Awards ended (As in: there are some people in the bar. We paused the show for almost an hour for lack of singers after Carol left).

hektikat was here earlier, which was fun, as always, and right now we have moahb, J, Cheri, and a new group (Terese, Stacy, and Kimberley) that are a lot of fun. Kimberley apparently saw me at the dance show yesterday...

Anyway. To work...

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Yeah, we left shortly before 2; it was about 0220 when I got in the door.

I'm sorry it didn't occur to me until this afternoon to ask if you thought an Oscar party at the bar would be feasible. You'd need to invest in a new bulb for the projector to do it really right, but it'd be fun to have an excuse to dress up outside of con, and just THINK of the snark possibilities....

Interesting thought.

We're not ever likely to get a new bulb - and I'm not even sure where the screen is these days. But we might be able to pull something off with the screens we've got.

Theoretically, Paula will be investing in cable shortly (not that I'm holding my breath), so maybe next year...

I heard from a little bird that you guys waited by the wrong door :( I was in the house up front chatting. So, I just wanted to say, "THANK YOU FOR COMING!" *huge hugs*

Hope you enjoyed the show :)

Heh - we just knew you weren't at any of the places we tried. Ah well...

I definitely enjoyed the show, though there were a couple of pieces that I could have done without. One particularly that I can't quite snark about openly...

And I voted for the other of Dominic's pieces, which I personally think was better (and better than the other pieces. I only support friends honestly.). But, y'know, sex sells.

And I still haven't decided if Luna was really good, or just really weird. Which probably means it was really good.

Huge hugs back, and I hope to see you again sooner rather than later - somewhere. Your company is enjoyed, m'dear.