Bruce (kor27) wrote,


After my failed attempt at patronizing the arts, I headed over to Valley Fair, mostly just to get my required dose of light and people.

I glanced into Victoria's Secret a couple of times, in case Desi was working (I'm great at looking like a stalker around stores like that...), and wandered into Radio Shack, where a poor clerk tried to offer me his technical expertise.

I actually kind of enjoyed watching his eyes glaze over as I explained my situation.

I grabbed a tea sample at Teavana, and realized that tea in a tea house - or equivalent - would be really nice, so on the off chance, I headed up to the Great Mall, to find that Ku Day Ta is open until 11:00pm on Fridays and Saturdays (woo!).

One pot of ginger tea and an excellent lemon tart later, I headed home, and, well, crashed. It wasn't even midnight yet, but I was tired.

I woke up several times after that, considered the stuff I needed to do for the trial by written declaration, and went back to sleep. This kept up until 9:00am or so.

In other words, I've now had something approaching a full night's sleep, almost completely because I was avoiding work.

The funniest thing is that, while I don't have everything transferred over, I've written a draft of the text, and screen captured the diagrams I want to use. I just need to clean those up a bit, print on the form, and I'll be done. With that.

It's not like I don't have other things I need to do, too...

But right now, I'm gonna clean up and have lunch. At lunchtime. Should be a novelty.

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