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Bruce [userpic]
Oh Well

I got some more sleep this afternoon, tried to find someone interested in joining me at spawrhawk's show, failed miserably, had some dinner at Chevy's, got down to SJSU, found some free parking, accidentally walked almost straight to the correct building, and almost straight to the ticket area (I walked up the wrong flight of steps to where dancers, including Dominic, were warming up).

And found myself in a standby line. The show was sold out.

Said hi to Joe C, then took my place with a bunch of frantic students - attending this is a course requirement for several of them.

Dunno if it's a course in dance or planning ahead...

In any case, I didn't make it.

I may try again tomorrow, assuming I can be up and dressed by 2:30pm.

Now I just need to figure out what to do with my evening...

Current Location: 5th & San Fernando
Mood: cheerfulcheerful

I feel less bad about pooping out today and just staying "home".

Good to know I'm at least useful as an example of what not to do...

How are ya feeling today?

Less hung over than I expected, but only got 4 hours of sleep before taking the boys to the airport...so I made up for that later. lol. Now I'm just being lazy.

Slightly embarrassed about being Dante last night, even if it was somewhat justified.

Oh, more than just "somewhat" entitled. That was pretty fucked up.

Still, you were quite entertaining...

Well, you missed Dom's men's trio winning the Audience Choice Award (and us dancing in just booty shorts =X). *smirks* You're going to have to wait until April to see the piece now.

*hands you a glass of water* Hope you're feeling better!

Well, you've got a date for the matinee tomorrow if you want one.

I'll give you a call if I can get myself up and dressed that early. :-)

You're on.

(So, figure out how you're keeping out of trouble for the evening?)

Not really.

I just finished a couple of circuits of Valley Fair, so I could get my light/noise/people requirements met, convince a Radio Shack salesman that it was a bad idea to offer me his expertise, and come to regret I didn't head up to the tea place at the Great Mall.

I'm not particularly feeling like a club or a movie, so I'll probably head home and procrastinate more directly there.

Unless you know of a (likely mythical) good late-night tea place, and want to hang out...

Unless you know of a (likely mythical) good late-night tea place, and want to hang out...

I wish to hell I did.... (Speaking of tea, I still have those boxes and boxes of it to give you; must try and remember to do that.)


Ku Day Ta is open until 11 on Fridays - so that's where I'll be for a while, at least.

But we must consider the general late-night tea issue.

I'm thinkiing maybe moving to the City and opening Gothic Teas, where thin tattooed girls in black lolligoth outfits, and tall cadaverous boys in tight bestrapped leather serve high-end teas to patrons in plush red and black high-backed sofas.

But only from sundown to sunup.

Perfect! Now all we need are backers.

(I'm reminded, suddenly, of driving down Sand Hill Road one morning for StupidShuttle and seeing two gentlemen dressed in business attire, standing on a median strip holding signs saying "Will Work For Start-up Capital." They gave me a copy of their prospectus while I was waiting at the light. ;-) )

The only thing that would make that story better would be if the prospective business was a fetish site...

They're venture capitalists, o best beloved, not ADventure capitalists.

Eh - one breaks new ground, while the other finds new ground.

Either way...