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I got up in time to get a few minor things done yesterday, have some dinner at Red Robin, and make it to Julie's by 7:30pm. A little later than I should have been, but I at least had everything up and ready to go by about 8:40pm, when I started.

10 minutes late isn't so bad.

Rex was there with a date, so I really didn't want to delay him too much, and Jan was there - on her own this time - and I didn't particularly want to delay her, either.

Of course, the first 5 rotations were just myself and the two of them, but whatever. There were other people in the bar, and we were at the very least amusing.

Then a few people started to dribble in, such as Carly and Kevin, who were very welcome repeat business.

But also a rather giant influx from Rachel's birthday party, fresh from the restaurant. It was cool - all the girls were in retro outfits, with feather accents. I strongly doubt I've ever seen Kimmie in heels before.

A number of very nice singers in the group, too. Notably Bronica, Thalia, and Shani. I very seriously hope they'll come back.

Evan and Justin made it in, after long absence - especially for Evan. It was good to have a couple of regulars back. It seemed to work out pretty well for Evan, too - he left with Shani's phone number.

And I can't forget timenchanter, Allen, and lady_morgana71. Amy announced their arrival by giving me a kamikaze bear hug from behind. Very nice.

Timmie went and grabbed a Patrick, later, who provided his usual amusement of asking me to pick songs for him, so he could hate me. The look on his face when I'm a Slave 4 U came up on the screen...

Patrick also sniffed out Paul, a very obviously gay guy who was sitting at the bar. He's from the neighborhood, and'll hopefully drop in some more. What little conversation I was able to have with him was quite interesting.

A very fun evening with good people.

And... entertaining people. Like Totter, who had the most unique hair I've ever seen. I'm not used to color banded dreads. His singing style was similarly unique.

The final rotation total was 11, and I closed down at just about 1:50am.

I was on the road by 3:00am, met back up with Timmie at April's, where we had a very mellow start-of-Timmie-birthday meal.

And home, where I crashed pretty hard. To, of course, wake up about 6 hours later.

Right now, tankgirl's inviting me to lunch, so I gotta go get cleaned up.

Oh - at the end of the night, it was just me and Anthony, so I asked him what the whole Cher situation is. Apparently her mother is dying of lung cancer, and she's over there saying goodbye and handling the paperwork.

Very very sad, but at least now I know she'll be back.

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