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Mena wanted to visit her son yesterday, and Frida wanted to see me, so I packed Mena and Mellie into the car, dropped them off in East Palo Alto, then continued on to Alameda.

A reasonably nice time, as usual - well, for the few hours I was there.  We took the dogs to the dog park, so I managed to get a little more sun on what's left of my nose.  Oh well.

Frida spent way too much of the visit congratulating me on the amount I'm standing up to "She".  This was nice, but didn't get to the point I wanted to know about:  Why Bernie had been banned from their house.  From the little I could hear, it sounded like he's being a teenager, and there were a couple of misunderstandings on top of that.

I feel for the poor kid.  Yeah, he's got somewhat of a self-centered streak, and he's frequently a bit thoughtless.  In other words, he's kind of a normal teenager.  In fact, mostly he's at the good end of the spectrum.  But they've had him labelled as a serious problem for some time now, and the only way to get away from that is to be superhumanly good for a long period of time.  He's unfortunately incapable of doing that.

Anyway.  Talked about logos with Frida for a bit.  Played with Sabrina a bit (Not that I had a huge amount of choice).  Then headed back to pick up Mena, take her home, and head to the bar.

I was at the bar at a reasonable time, but ended up starting late for an unusual reason:  bluize had fucked with my equipment.  Discs were misfiled, one was left in the player, settings had been changed, stuff was in the wrong place.  There was the added delay of calling her and telling her off, of course.

Got partway through my first song to discover she'd run down the battery in the red mic, too.  Not a happy camper.

Things picked up from there.  Had a reasonable number of singers for pretty much all night, and after a few mis-starts, I started mostly picking songs people were willing to do.

Amanda and Ken, who had shown up Sunday, came back again last night.  It turns out Amanda mostly knows modern country, so I started throwing some of the more fun country stuff at her.

We also had a new, new singer, a woman named Deanna (Or some similar spelling).  She had apparently never been on a mic before, and found her voice disconcerting.  Very, very nice voice though.  She does make me curious - the whole situation with her and her date/SO says "Russian mail-order bride".  I'm just curious if it's true.  Not that it's particularly a problem - most of the Filipino mail-order arrangements I've seen looked like very stable, happy marriages.  And this guy seemed quite devoted to her.

And now I'm feeling like I'm finally getting the flu-like thing most everyone else has had, and so I'm at Carrow's, eating chicken pot pie and hot fudge sundaes.  The closest I get to healthy eating...

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