Bruce (kor27) wrote,

That was... Different

I got out of the house around 4:00pm, and made my way down to Oakridge, where I met kshandra for a last-minute dinner.

Of course, I was supposed to be at Dev's by around 5:30pm. I made it just before 6:00pm.

Fortunately for me, people didn't start showing up until 8:00pm or so - especially with the last-minute moving of a large ornamental bookshelf from upstairs to hold the plasma TV - and the additional moving of said TV.

The show itself was pretty fun. The rotation was about 10, though only 6 of those were paying visitors. Still, I made a very reasonable amount of money, I assume because Dev decided to give me all the take, and then add to it from his own pocket.

No pizza this time, but quite a few snacky bits - and Dev fried up some shrimp later in the night.

Since she came back and sang, I now know the name of the cute blonde in the red dress (Judy). A very nice voice, and quite a joy to watch dancing. I did my best to sing danceable songs.

I also had a lot of fun with Dev's present, um, companion, Heather, who was positive she could convince me to get her up to sing whenever she wanted. She was only partially right. I had to do enough to let her keep up the convincing...

Michelle came back from last week (And yes, candiddani, she sang a Chicago song. But only the one).

I was later told that Steve, one of the new people, leads a huge karaoke meetup group, and was doing some advance reconnaissance. We apparently passed muster, even though I let someone else sing one of his songs.

It's... well, if someone gives me a huge stack of slips, that's a good thing in my book. And it used to be that if someone put in a slip that conflicted with one of those toward the bottom of a stack, I'd go and talk to them.

I don't anymore. In almost every single instance where I've made the second person change their song, the first person has left, or changed their mind, before the song's come up. It's just not worth the effort, unless the song in question is, well, imminent.

Steve gave me a slight glare, and replaced the song. I think at worst I dropped from 5 stars to 4...

And I might have regained some of that back. It turned out Dev didn't have to get up early today, so he was fine with my doing a last round after midnight. Given the number of people still there, and the number of songs up, that seemed like a good idea. The 12:45am ending actually felt a little more natural.

She-whose-name-causes-madness (or at least confusion - I made the mistake of using her given name at one point, and was rewarded with blank stares) wasn't there for most of the evening. Unfortunately, she did happen to be there during a particular bit of the after-party.

Quite an entertaining after-party it was, too. I leave that up to your imagination, especially since your imagination will come up with considerably more wild images than the actuality.

But towards the end of it (around 3:30am, I think), one of the regular visitors/helpers got pissed off. I don't even know the reason, though I can suspect. When he came back downstairs, where I was shutting down, he asked She-that-remains-unspoken for some CDs. She asked for verification ("Do you need them now? They're a little hard to get."), and he snapped and told her to shut the fuck up.

Now, this might have gone better, if She-who-is-not-identified-in-polite-company didn't have an automatic reaction to that sort of thing. She will get right up in your face, and, um, well, um, yap. I can't help it. I love her dearly, but when she gets like that, all I see is an angry chihuahua. It's really hard not to crack up.

It was kind of hard to see what happened after that - there was grappling, he apparently punched her, and while I was standing there, dithering, one of her present constant companions tore the guy off her, and kept him down.

There may have been some punching involved there, too.

By this time, those on the upper floors had come down, the two were separated, and our aggressor marched out into the darkness.

I suppose I should have kept a better view of the initial action, since I was the only other person there, but I think the initial violence occurred during a facepalm. However, I do know She-who-is-unnamed quite well, and she doesn't do physical attacks. She doesn't believe in them, rather strongly.

I had to spend some time convincing Dev of the realities of the situation, and then shut down very very slowly. Adrenaline crashes are a bitch.

I've seen her do some pretty fucked-up shit (though not, honestly, lately. I'm not around her that often...), but I'm not going to stand by and let anyone be railroaded by something that they really aren't to blame for.

Anyway, I got packed up and out of there, dropped by an empty Mini, gave Cheryl shit about being overworked, almost fell asleep in my soup, came home, and crashed hard.

And now it's time to get myself up and start preparing for Julie's.

It's like I'm working regularly or something. Ugh.

On the financial front, it looks like California just isn't taking any money out this month. I can handle that.

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