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I'm in a pretty random mood, for whatever reason. Maybe the weather, maybe finances, maybe the latest situation with Julz and Paula that I just don't wanna talk about. Stupidity always depresses me.

I will say that Julz is declaring an awful lot of ownership in the place, which might just explain why (as chargerboy pointed out), there's an increasing Golden Girls feel to it. Not too sure how long it'll take before I'm looking for other employment, if only because they'll have to close their doors.

I might be forced to find work at places that know how to make money. It would be awful.

Ah well. I've got Dev's thing tonight, which should cheer me up.

And last night was pretty fun, if, well, a Monday. It still made twice as much money as Sunday (though we ended up 42% under target for the weekend. Ouch).

The new heater is awesome. A nice, strong blower, but quiet enough that you can't really tell it's running while the music is playing. Though it is kind of odd getting windblown hair on the stage.

And we had great people - supersniffles took the night off, moahb was there for a bit, Terry came back (and did an a cappella version of Chim-chim-cher-ee, with predictable results), alphaba spent a couple of hours (after many months), intrusting appeared (after forever. The bathroom was quite a shock to him), cybrenn and Joe, and Andrew.

Actually, a couple of Andrews. The first is an odd guy that shows up periodically, sings reasonably well, then takes off mysteriously.

The second was half a couple that came in around 1:00am. I was planning to close around then, because the rotation had been myself, timenchanter, and Cindi for some time. So as I was winding up the last rotation, two couples walked in. I kept going.

Andrew (the second) is one of those people that "isn't sure they can sing well enough," then blow you away. Very nice.

We also got to enjoy some Jorgie. Woo.

So anyway. I think I finally got some songs and was able to start around 9:15pm, and then did 13 rotations before closing just before 2:00am.

And in the middle, Julz and Paula showed up, planted themselves in front of the video machines, and kind of sat there like antisocial lumps. I couldn't even get Julz to sing.

That mostly covers it. There was a couple that sat by the door for most of the night, and talked to Timmie about cross-dressing, and me about computer karaoke. They apparently accounted for a goodly portion of the night's income.

The traditional visit with April, and then home, and sleep. Which ended, again, around 9:00am, and I've been conscious ever since. I'm not particularly tired - I just know I'm going to be.

So I've been trying to be sorta productive. The MySpace page has been somewhat updated, with tonight's event added and some photos. I've been checking the bank - the IRS did go ahead and grab their quarter-ton of money, but so far, it looks like California isn't taking anything.

But there's more day left.

I've also paid some of the more urgent bills.

I should probably just give up on sleep, clean up, and get out of the house to someplace more brightly lit...

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