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Bruce [userpic]
Let there be Heat!

The heater's finally fixed! After 6 years! It's, it's... comfortable in the bar!


Current Location: KoC
Mood: chipperchipper

Heaven and earth, and great and little stars, how did THAT happen?

She got the landlord to do it.

gah? there's a heater? who'da thunk.......
you ready for her to really complain about the PG & E bill :D

I've got a month. And then we'll just have to make her compare the bill increase to the amount she was spending on propane.

It'll be hard, but we'll manage somehow...

yeah logic usually works

Yeah, though this logic unfortunately involves arithmetic...

I didn't comment, but since you've used the icon: The new hair looks awesome.

My validation - you haz it. :-p

Yeah Validation.....I mean pfft like I need validation from anyone........

Have I mentioned lately how much I love you?

thanx I love you too Brucie!!!!!!

You usually get better results with logic and a hammer than you do with just pure logic. Unless it's naked logic, which is a completely different creature...

I'd pay damn good money for naked logic from Keri....

I'll second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth that...

My gosh, I may have to start coming back, even!

Well surprise, surprise, surprise.

The bar ain't freezing. That's just insane, dammit.


Why, hello, person who changed her cell number!

Though I have to admit I had a reasonable conversation with "Tiffany"...

I changed my cell phone number? I haven't had a cell phone since like....October. So. really I got a new cell phone. 408 476 7506...I think. That's it. Right? LOL My birthday is in 2 months! we should celebrate.

Changed, dropped...

And apparently your old number was given to a "Tiffany" that also goes by "Charlie", or more specifically "ch@rl!e". Seemed reasonably nice, but I suspect she's 16, and'll have fake boobs, two kids, a divorce, and a stripping career under her belt by the time she's 25.

But what do I know?

Definitely a woo! for the birthday in two months - celebrations are definitely in order.

Oh, and I was trying to contact you about this, in that since it's a home party, and booze isn't provided, there shouldn't be an age issue. It does cost $10 apiece, but then, it only costs $10 apiece...