Bruce (kor27) wrote,


I got to the bar late again last night - it took me until about 8:15pm to be fully set up.

But then, the first customer (Megan) didn't walk into the place until something like 8:40pm, and I didn't get songs and get started until 9:00pm. It worked out.

We actually had some people for a while, which was a welcome change, though not exactly a huge amount of income. Something about a large fraction of those people not having money...

But we had cool people. Honey and tankgirl spent a couple of hours, candiddani graced us with her lovely presence, kizmet100 dropped by for a song (as did Mikey H), k_magic brought us some amazing red velvet cupcakes, and moonshae did a nice (if very quiet) job of singing some pretty difficult songs.

Terry showed up after long absence, and sang quite a bit. As the evening and alcohol wore on, she became increasingly agitated by how fast the songs went. Apparently Disney's version of Chim-chim-cher-ee wasn't recorded at the right speed...

On the cool new people side, there was a guy named Steve that did a great job of three songs before taking off - the last one being The Streak. If seems there's some connection between that song and guys named Steve.

A cute little couple, Claire and Whitney, that stuck around for three songs. I believe it's Whitney that just moved in around the corner (I suspect Gay Melrose). Claire is one of those cute high-energy singers that can't help but act out a song.

And towards the end of the evening, there was Amanda. Cute girl, sat by herself at the bar, did a nice job of a couple of songs, then took off.

And, to round things out, Trankenstein and Jorgie, back together at last...

I ran for 12 rounds, which brought us to 1:58am, and then we closed down and got out of there by 2;20pm. A visit to a somewhat overworked April, and then off on a search for an ATM.

It turns out my credit union has a new location, down at Monterey and Curtner. So I swung down there, deposited my check, and headed back under unwelcome police escort.

Basically, I ran a yellow light leaving the strip mall, and the cop waiting at the intersection decided to dog me. Monterey changes its speed limit quite a few times, so I spent a fair amount of energy scanning for speed limit signs, and adhering to them precisely. Meanwhile, this guy cruised along in my blind spot - the most irritating being that he'd stop there at stop lights. Felt like flipping the asshole off, though the most blatant thing I might have gotten away with would have been to readjust my side mirror to point at him.

But whatever. He gave up by the time I hit downtown, I got home, and passed out.

To wake up again about 4 hours later, at something like 8:30am. So I caught up on LJ, updated Craigslist, and then spent the day trying to sleep. With little interruptions like Dev asking for a song at 11:30am.

That, and the presence of some money in the bank account, got me going. So there are 6 discs on the way, not to mention a few pieces of equipment. I've even paid some of the vital bills. Some.

I kinda managed to reign myself in after a bit. I really need to see how much gets sucked out of the account tomorrow before continuing.

It would sure be nice to get new glasses, though.

Anyway, I finally managed to nod off around, I think, 3:30pm for a couple of hours, and feel generally OK right now - the water heater should be ready to go, so I think I'll go take my shower.

And then see what new has happened to the bar today. Yesterday, Paula replaced all the barstools with these, um, wickerish things, and brought in a whole bunch of white tables. It seriously looks like we should be serving dinner.

I'm waiting for the ferns to show up. And, of course, wondering why the hell she's spending money on that. But then, that's a common question around Paula...

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