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A Partial Non-Con

I ended up staying home until it was time to head off to the show.  This took away my last practical chance to get anything from the dealer's room, so it was probably a good idea.

The show was... interesting.  We didn't start until 8:30, because all we had was myself, James, and rapp81.  Then the Gay Melrose contingent came in, and it made sense to start.

Interestingly, the rotation ballooned up to 25 singers before too long - many of them non-regulars.  All-in-all, a good night.  Also, a partial suicide night:  James, swanhart, nikari, and cekyr0 all had me suicide them.  In Justin's case, not even limited to his envelope.

After the show, headed off to the Doubletree to see what was functioning of con.  Not much, but some.  The Coffee Garden was still open, barely, so I was able to get some supper.  On the party floor, the main thing still running was the music on the back patio.  Jean was going to play until someone told her to stop.

I ran into justeps, an old acquaintance from college.  I don't remember if he was in my class or the one after it.  Anyway, it's the first time we've really talked in decades.  His life isn't going too great, either - something I got to hear about at length.  I'd be more snide, except I think he really needed to unload.

Then hung out in the anime room and watched some bizarre, and then some truly cheesy anime.  Fun, but the sun was coming up.  So I headed home.  And now, sleep.

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