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Well, I got Patrick to his train, came home, and slept for a bit more.

I got somewhat involved in the Dev drama, but nothing too major. Mostly just a spectator watching the car crash from the sidelines.

Then there was the matter of figuring out what to do. I had seriously been thinking of asking She-whose-name-is-never-uttered up to the Bootie Valentine's day show, but it seemed like a bad idea from multiple perspectives. And besides, the only response she'd given to my messages of the previous two days was to chew out Dev.

A very unique idea of privacy, that one. In the real world, once you do something that affects someone else, they have a right to talk about their life, which is directly connected to what you've done.

In her world, as far as I can tell, consequences don't really exist, so anything she does is completely private to her ("How dare you talk about the oil spill! My piloting the tanker drunk was my private business!").

Meanwhile, kshandra was not having the best of days, and it seemed best to have fun in a depressing situation. So I invited her up for the afternoon at my parents' place, and then up to the Bootie show.

Which was, as usual, pretty awesome. Even if Trixxie again wore far too many clothes. We just hung out at the railing upstairs, with the added entertainment of the cute little lesbian couple behind me, who were doing quite a job of progressing from heavy petting to dry humping.

I suspect illicit drugs May Have Been Involved.

We ran into Rachel on the way in, and talked for a bit. Jules was checking IDs at the door, leading to a rather entertaining double take when he took mine without initially looking up.

Just as we were starting on our way up there, I got a call from tlsthatsme, who was also not having the best of days. Sadly, it wasn't practical to pick her up too right then.

On the way back, we stopped at April's Denny's (sans April, since that's one of her days off), and managed to have some food just before the drunk rush hit.

And then I dropped Her Kooshness off at home.

I gotta say, traffic was kinda scary. I prefer normal days, when only the professional drunks are on the road. They aren't dangerous.

Then there's the saga of the check. I mentioned the whole hilarity about the tax situation to my parents, so in typical fashion, they wrote me a large check. Supposedly it's my birthday present, three months early.

So on the way back from dropping Kiri off, I tried to deposit said check. Which would have worked, if the ATM hadn't been out of deposit envelopes. Part of me feels like I'm running some sort of financial rat maze.

Some sleep from roughly 4:00am to noon, followed by some successful communication with tankgirl. We'd been trying to get together for lunch since Friday. That day, she'd finally woken up as timenchanter were in the middle of our meal at Chevy's. On Saturday, she'd woken up as I was driving Kiri up Black Road.

But today, we were both awake and available at the same time. So we went to Hooters, where we had reasonably decent food, and she managed to strike up a conversation with our waitresses' boobs.

Then we went off and walked the Great Mall, largely because I wanted to see people, and be in a non-frigid environment.

And now I'm home. I may nap a little before packing up for tonight's show, but it had better just be a little - I need to be there in an hour.

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