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Bruce [userpic]
Going On

First of all, Thursday's show was simply awesome, which was just what I needed. I don't have the chart with me, so I'm going to forget people - after all, there were something like 32 singers that night - but we definitely had onyx101 (looking considerably happier), Megan, Mikey H, Kristin and her friends (The awesome singer, as opposed to bluize's ex), little Sarah (The bouncy one. Ummm - the bouncy one that's not living with Paul), markobellydance, more cybrenn and Joe, trivialt, jasonmagick, Alex and Bill, dionuse, Honey, and a cast of tens.

Not to mention the usual, but always welcome appearance of supersniffles after work.

And Scott&Milton, this adorable couple that showed up around, I believe 11:00pm. I think Milton is the one that just moved into Gay Melrose. Fun, and good singers.

Much, much fun, in five rotations.

I packed up in the pouring rain, then Timmie and I had some Denny's via April, then home, and sleep somewhere in there.

Friday, during the day, was a bit more of a bummer - though I at least managed some sleep. I got a long call from a very distraught Dev, who's unfortunately being backed into a corner as far as future decisions are concerned.

I've been in the same corner, and wasn't able to provide the Kobayashi Maru solution he was kind of hoping for.

Then the whole thing about the taxes, which still isn't resolved. I basically got up too late in the day (not that that ever happens), and decided to opt out of the 75 minute wait for the FTB phone line, and got cut off after 15 minutes of hold on the IRS phone line.

So I don't know what'll happen Tuesday. I'll just have to watch, hope for the best, and try to contain any issues.

We got some Chevy's coupons in the mail, so timenchanter and I headed there for a yummy lunch/dinner, then went on to Max&Alex's place for their Friday the 13th party, which was a little subdued, since several of the guests flaked. But a fun group. There was playing of the original Friday the 13th, then Jason Goes to Hell. I missed most of that latter, because Patrick called, and I drove Timmie off to get him (as the sober driver).

So we had another participant, just in time for thebatt's Black Friday show. Then much playing of Tekken and Soul Caliber, which I declined to do, because I have the coordination of a drunk monkey.

But watching was fun. Somewhere around 1:30am or so I settled into an armchair and napped while party went on around me. And around 4:00am, I drove Patrick here in Fawkes, leaving Timmie to sober up there.

I really didn't understand the reasoning, but whatever. Timmie proposed it, and then seemed upset about it.

But then, he was kinda hammered at the time.

So I've got a Patrick sleeping in Timmie's bed, who I have to get to Caltrain in about 4 hours.

The alarm's been set, I've checked on and updated most things I need to - so I'm goin' to bed for a bit.

Current Location: The Duplex
Mood: sleepysleepy

I don't remember being upset. lol I just figured you'd be more comfortable at home than sleeping on the couch. Dunno... It all worked out. :-)

Well, you suggested the whole thing - in fact, you went through multiple scenarios, with that one being the main possibility, which it seemed you were OK with.

Then when I hugged you goodbye, you sort of stood there, with this kind of "I'm upset, but I'm not going to show it" sort of attitude.

At least, that's how it came off.

No biggie - you were a tad sloshed at the time.