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Bruce [userpic]
Easy Come...

Yesterday afternoon was quite pleasant - a nice lunch with tankgirl, followed by a stroll through Valley Fair. Much window shopping.

Economically, perhaps not the wisest day in my history, but far from the worst - money's just rather heavy on my mind right now.

I'm also still a little loopy. I had time for an hour's nap once I got home, but that was it - I wasn't exactly in best state towards the end of the night at Julie's. It's really not good form when the KJ is yawning. Service people in general need to at least appear cheerful and attentive.

It was a reasonably OK night - back to the income levels I was complaining about before January. Most of the regulars still aren't coming in, but there was a meeting (I gather the Young Democrats) in the ballroom, and they stuck around to sing a bit.

Eve also brought in a few people, and thinks she can bring in more next week. A slightly odd situation, there, but she's pleasant, and so are the people she brought in. Otherwise, we just had two couples.

Well, and Mac. I lied - Mac is a longtime regular, and he sang several songs.

Oddly, Cher wasn't there - and the kitchen was closed. I figured that maybe she was sick, but an offhand comment by Rachel gave me the impression that there may have been a more permanent parting of the ways. That would be too bad - I'm rather fond of her.

Everyone evaporated at about 1:00am, which was nice in this particular instance. Though I then spent some time, at Kimmy's insistence, introducing Rachel to the Tao of Kelly. She'd somehow missed that one.

I attempted to make the trip south, trusting in a can of Rockstar. That got me halfway home. I gave up at Whipple Ave, and slept for about an hour in front of Redwood City Dodge.

Then home, a remarkably small amount of fiddling around (mostly putting away laundry), and sleep.

Until I woke back up at 9:20am. And couldn't get back to sleep again. Most of the day from that point on was spent trying to nod off, and occasionally succeeding.

Interspersed with some news that really wasn't all that restful - Dev may be losing the house this Sunday, so not only is there not going to be a Saturday party, but the whole Tuesday thing is, obviously, up in the air.

Meanwhile, the bills keep piling up. I got out of the house early enough today to put some money in the bank, so I'm now ready for the tax withdrawals (which should happen Tuesday), plus enough to pay my phone bill.

I'd have paid the PG&E bill, instead, but I simply don't have enough money.

Looking forward, I should be able to pay off all of this month's bills by the end of the month, except for that pesky "rent" thing...

And this is why I'm fully prepared to have Paula bitch at me about money this evening.

So tomorrow, I need to get up "early" (which doesn't seem to be a problem, lately), and go talk to the wonderful people at the Mission Ale House. And maybe Renegades.

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Wait, Renegades? Mission Ale? You're not leaving KoC are you?

Dear me. no!

I desperately need to increase my income, not shift it around. I'm looking for more nights.

Granted, if I manage the holy grail of a Friday and Saturday show (the nights that actually make money), I'll consider dropping one of Sunday or Monday, so I have some off time.

But I'd have to (a) get the shows, and (b) get my finances in order first.

Given how terrible I am at selling myself, just step a is problematic.

I need an agent...

Hey! I was at Valley Fair too. Where were you? Ok so I was there between 10 and 11:30 then headed back to work. It would have been nice to see you. :) What's a social life?

Edited at 2009-02-13 02:28 pm (UTC)