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Bruce [userpic]
Well, THAT Was Fun!

Last night's party went incredibly well - even though I was kinda off my game at the start (I kept on forgetting to preload people's songs, for some reason).

The room is a little hard to deal with, acoustically, because it's medium-large, about as high as it is wide, and largely undecorated. Lots of hard surfaces, including the stone tile floor.

Kind of like playing in an extremely large bathroom. Some frequencies reverberate to the point that it's hard to hear the others. I actually have a major advantage, there - once people started singing, the feedback eliminators focussed in on those frequencies, and the sound settled in quite nicely.

I also managed to have almost no feedback, which was nice.

Setup went reasonably well. There were a few stops and starts, but then, that's why I got there 2 hours early. An amusing little detail, at least to me: The DJ I'd complained about had left his speakers. In fact, we used two of them as supports for the flat-screen.

The "subwoofer" I'd seen on the ground was actually a couple of car speakers mounted in a box, including a car-style amp inset into the side. Excuse me while I snicker for a little bit.

I do need to improve my communication with Dev. As I'd followed the gyrations of options for the party, I'd thought he'd decided to not serve food. But he had several pizzas, some munchies, a whole selection of sodas, and s'mores fixings for the firepit out back.

Not a huge number of people - most all of them sang, and I only had 12 singers, including Dev and myself - but a lot of fun, some dancing, and quite a few group songs. I ended up doing 10 rotations between about 7:00pm, when people started singing, and a few minutes after midnight.

People... Well, quite a bit of raven2000, for the obvious reason that she lives there; Michelle, a good friend of Kathy (Kathy-oke, who took over the Creekside show after I stormed out); Al, who I'm sure I've generally seen around cons, but who I last met at the Duke of Edinburgh when I went there with Veronica (Better than I at fast songs, and he can sing and dance at the same time); Sean, a mildly socially inept friend of Dev's and Purple's, who helped me set up and generally likes to be useful; and, obviously, several others. Like Tanya, who I haven't quite figured out, yet.

Since everyone left smiling, we've got a good chance of building this thing. In the meantime, Dev decided to just give me the amount of the take left over after he took out his expenses for the food. I think he had a good time.

It took me about an hour to close down (coiling the cables is always a pain), and then I grabbed some Taco Bell, came home, ate said Taco Bell, and fell asleep.

I woke up today at about 9:20am, for unknown reasons. I was slightly hungry, so the McDonald's breakfast option was exercised. I've started some laundry, and after a call from tankgirl, will be going out with her for lunch.

I'm just a little concerned about how tired I'm going to be after Julie's, tonight. That drive home is a bugger...

But assuming I survive that, Dev wants me to come in and work an anti-Valentine's party this Saturday. It would be karaoke and dancing, with the stipulation that only high-energy songs would be allowed.

I need to find myself an appropriate shirt. I've had a design in mind for ages, but I've of course never followed through. Ah well. Time to change the laundry, and start to clean up for Angela. Who's getting impatient.

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Mood: cheerfulcheerful

Doesn't that take you to 6 nights this week? Is it possible that karaoke is recession-proof?

That does, indeed, take me to 6 nights. And karaoke is sorta recession-proof. At least until things take the complete "Everyone is starving, and the power doesn't run anymore" nosedive.

But before that point, people need alcohol and entertainment to take their minds off of how badly their lives suck. And that's where I come in.

On the other hand, working continuously and making money are not, necessarily, the same thing. Business has been slow.


Slacks, and a v-neck that showed some cleavage. Nothing I personally found all that bad - at least she has cleavage to show.

I don't think she did any Chicago, actually, though the only song I specifically remember her singing was Everything for Free by K's Choice. I may have to get that disc...

Well, the last time I dropped in was before Nick kicked Kathy out. So I wasn't even aware of who was doing it.

In fact, I'm trying to remember if I know who Erica is...

I kind of miss Creekside, but I sooo don't miss working for Nick. And I don't particularly want to be anywhere near Eddie ever again.

Is the Al you kinda short with long hair and a goatee? I know an Al but call him Captain Jack due to his uncanny resemblence to Jack Sparrow when in costume.

Yep. A little shorter than I generally think of Jack being, but a damn good match.

Yeah but with the boots he seems a bit taller. Hmmm! I may have to check out one of those parties. Al's always fun to hang with. Not sure I can stand "you know who" though.

He definitely is. And She-whose-name-is-not-mentioned-in-polite-company has been largely behaving, lately.

Though past results are not a guarantee of future performance.