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November 2018
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Bruce [userpic]
Another Monday

In a return to tradition, I got some more sleep after yesterday's narrative post. But at least I got up early enough to make it to Panera before having to be at the bar.

I got to say hi to a very sour-looking Paula (She's obviously in one of her "worried about money, so lashing out at everybody" phases), then set up after talking to a very sour-looking timenchanter (yesterday's lashee).

It was a fairly slow night - much like, say, a Monday. We did, indeed, make a bit more money than Sunday. About 6% more. So the weekend income was about 22% off of target. Not great, but, well, not last week.

Let's see. Interesting people. Well, Don&Rusty showed up after a long absence. I think they mostly go to Whirl's Wednesday show, which is a lot closer to them. supersniffles came in early, because she'd had to be at work early, and so compensated. And some moahb, and cybrenn, and Joe.

A lot of Jorgie.

And I'm sure someone else I'm forgetting right now, though not a huge number of people. We had maybe 10 singers all night.

I ended up running 14 rotations from 9:00pm to just before 2:00am, the last hour or so being just myself, Timmie, and Cindi. I would have closed early, but this allowed her to get another beer.

Then Timmie and I visited April, who was rather distracted - health problems with her daughter.

Then home, and sleep. In my chair. I just kind of conked out while checking the net.

And that's about it. A lot of time today spent trying to get more sleep, and not doing all that well. Various attempts to get more people to tonight's show.

Just now, I got a call from Dev, making sure I was going to show up. I'm still not sure if he's insecure, or just has poor short-term memory. But then, a lot of KJs are incredibly flaky. It's odd being one of the reliable ones...

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*raises hand* I was there =p