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Bruce [userpic]
You May Have Heard This One Before...

At the risk of repeating myself:

Tonight, 6:30pm to midnight, is the first of my Tuesday shows at Dev's house:

3403 Cherry Ave
San Jose

That's on Cherry just about 2 blocks south of Hillsdale. Cherry being the light just to the west of the Almaden/Hillsdale intersection.

This is a recurring house party, and he's charging $10 a head to defray expenses (mostly me). So it's also a BYOB and BYO munchies sort of thing.

His place is enormous - in fact, the front room I'll be playing in is possibly larger than the bar area at Julie's.

So drop by! Have some fun! Help me pay my bills!

Don't make me beg.

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Mood: sleepydrowsy

Who is Dev?

A guy. Who has a house. And throws parties at that house. It turns out I have multiple connections to him, though none through the Collective.

I just prefer to refer to it as "Dev's house," as opposed to "some random house."

Ten bucks for BYOB and BYO munchies seems kinda pricey.

Yeah, well, I misunderstood him. He provided pizza, sodas, some munchies, and s'more supplies for the firepit.