Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Work Week

Yesterday was the first day of my new work week. I'll actually have an active show every night from now until Thursday, meaning I've got a five-day week like everyone else.


Though I shouldn't complain, really. That's five more days than a lot of people I know...

I was up earlyish yesterday, which basically meant that I did my time-wasting in the afternoon, rather than the early morning. My most productive behavior was repairing the dolly board, which will hopefully hold together for another few months.

Otherwise, I had dinner at Chevy's, where a very nice waitress (Andrea) told me to drop by the Mission Ale House and talk to the manager about karaoke. They're apparently thinking about starting it up.

So, who knows? Maybe 6 nights a week. On the one hand, I'm not sure how well I could handle that. On the other, I'm in serious need of money right now, so, y'know...

Not to mention that I'm feeling just a tad insecure about KoC. When I got to the bar, Paula was negotiating with George (the building owner), trying to lower her rent. Well, actually, Julz was negotiating, while Paula sat there. Granted, Paula is always insisting she's on the edge of bankruptcy, though from what I've heard, the Latin weekends are still generating cash.

Then Paula, Julz, and Dana spent the whole frikkin' night, playing games and talking amongst themselves. So I have this slight double whammy of bar collapse plus thoughts of Julz trying to take over my nights ("I'll work for less!").

Paranoia. It's not just for breakfast anymore.

I also had a bit of a fight with Paula over light usage. The woman seems intent on making sure that I work in near total darkness, because the lights use so much electricity. I keep on trying to get her to show me a power bill, so I can estimate costs for her - but that would be too complicated. She'd have to do something. Besides, she'd have to let someone see what the actual costs were, and that would be bad, mmm'kay?

Several hours this morning were spent finding the worst possible PG&E commercial rate ($0.20/kWH, and that only in summer), and applying it to the various pieces of "representative" equipment I could find online. The lights are easy. Cheap and easy. The various coolers are harder to figure, because on the one hand, she has old, beat-up equipment. On the other, all I can find is a maximum figure, because the amperage rating is only for while the compressor motors are running, which is (hopefully) not all the time.

And with all that, I can't quite figure where all the power is going. Things just don't add up to the number she's given in the past. Unless her water heater is using up a huge amount of gas...

Anyway. The show itself was quite pleasant. Not exactly busy, but pleasant - and sales were decent. About 25% under half the target for the weekend, so if tonight's slightly busier, we'll be fine.

And I got some very nice tips from both snafflekid and kizmet100. Oh yeah - Kendall's back! I was beginning to wonder if he'd just abandoned us completely. Not that he was there too long before "having to go home." I'll leave potential reasons as an exercise for the reader.

Kathy and David showed back up, which was fun. Joe sang a couple of songs, moahb did his usual early evening bit, and supersniffles was there all night, doing her best to support bar sales.

And late in the evening, of all people, Lizz (who used to be lizzstar) showed up! With a new boyfriend! Who seems sane!

It was almost too many shocks for me to handle. At the time she walked in, the rotation was myself, timenchanter, Cindi, and Maggie, (with very occasional Julz songs) so I'd been toying with closing early - but not with Lizz there, too.

She sang four songs, talked a bit, and is thinking of dragging Shawn and Eddie out, which would be most cool.

In the end, between about 8:50pm and 2:00am, I fit 13 and a half rotations - the half being both Cindi and Maggie insisting they wanted another song each.

Then Timmie and I took the two of them out to April's for sobering up. Timmie spent the night on Cindi's couch, so he could drive her back to her car today.

I dropped Maggie back off at the bar, came home, and did the aforementioned power research. I think I got to sleep around 7:30am, so I'm running a slight deficit, which I think I'll try to correct now.

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