Bruce (kor27) wrote,

A Day Out

After my last post, I (sigh) slept some more, then woke up to my phone ringing around 2:00pm.

'Twas tankgirl, who'd sort of disappeared off the map, and wanted to hang out. Turns out she's been sick with a disease that's still quite familiar to me.

So I got up, washed up, and wandered over to her place, and we, well, hung out. We hung out at Chevy's, we hung out at OSH (I finally got those screws - though I haven't checked if they're too long, yet), and we hung out at the Old Spaghetti Factory, because her present main, um... companion... bartends there.

So her two pint glasses of Jack&Coke were free. Mine wasn't, but given I was getting a pint glass for the same amount I normally get charged for a rocks glass, I'm not exactly complaining.

Then I dropped her off, headed back around the corner to my place, and crashed - at 9:30pm, of all things.

And now I'm back awake. Woo.

I'm trying to get myself motivated to work on my Dad's Kindle thing - he's been sending me emails on the subject all week, and I see him today. Woo woo.

It's an exciting life, but at least I get to spend some of it hanging out with attractive women...

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